Benefits of Coconut Milk

10 Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is extracted by grating mature coconuts and squeezing them by using cheesecloth or both bare hands. This milky white liquid is called santam in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, and gata in Philippines. It is used in several food recipes like sauces, delicious curries and desserts. Apart from making foods tastier and creamier, coconut milk is also a healthy addition to various food preparations. Read on the following 10 benefits of coconut milk in this article.

Nutritional Values of Coconut Milk:

Following are the nutritional values present in 100 grams of fresh coconut milk:

  • Calories – 230
  • Proteins – 2.3g
  • Fat – 23.8g
  • Carbohydrates – 5.5g
  • Dietary fiber – 2.3g
  • Sugar – 3.35g
  • Vitamin C – 2.8 mg
  • Vitamin E – 0.15 mg
  • Vitamin B1 – 0.026 mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.033 mg
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) – 0.183 mg
  • Folate – 16 mcg
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – 0.76 mg
  • Iron – 1.64 mg
  • Selenium – 6.2 mcg
  • Sodium – 15 mg
  • Calcium – 16 mg
  • Magnesium – 37 mg
  • Phosphorus – 100 mg
  • Potassium – 260 mg

Benefits of Coconut Milk:

Following are some of the health benefits of coconut milk:

  1. Helps to maintain blood sugar places:

    Glucose intolerance may cause manganese deficiency in your body. Coconut milk is a rich source of manganese. Whole grains, legumes and nuts are some other excellent sources of manganese.

  2. Keeps skin and blood vessels flexible and elastic:

    Copper is a very important mineral for most of the bodily functions. Copper and vitamin C help to maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the skin and blood vessels.

  3. Aids in building strong bones:

    Coconut milk is not rich in calcium, but it is rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient that the body needs for strengthening bones. It is must to take phosphorus with calcium particularly to prevent bone loss because it supplies phosphate to the body.

  4. Helps to prevent anemia:

    Lack of iron is the most common nutrient deficiency among the people throughout the world. Iron deficiency in body does not allow the body to develop enough hemoglobin for keeping sufficient oxygen levels in red blood cells, resulting in anemia. Each cup of coconut milk supplies the body with nearly a quarter of daily value of iron.

  5. Relaxes muscles and nerves:

    Whenever you feel muscle cramps or muscle soreness, have some food along with coconut milk. It is rich in magnesium and can help you in relieving the problem. One of the functions of magnesium is it acts as a gate block in many nerve cells. If magnesium is not present in body, nerve cells become very active because of calcium that activates nerves. Excess contraction of muscles is caused by over-active nerve cells.

  6. Helps in Controlling Weight:

    This can be good news for people who are trying to reduce weight. Coconut milk makes you feel full very quickly because of high concentrations of dietary fiber.

  7. Decreases the risk of joint inflammation:

    Selenium is an important antioxidant. It controls the free radicals and thereby helps in relieving the symptoms of arthritis. It is observed that people with low levels of selenium may suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

  8. Helps in lowering high blood pressure:

    People who are concerned about their blood pressure will not face any problem consuming foods containing potassium. Potassium helps in lowering blood pressure levels in the body.

  9. Helps in maintaining healthy immune system:

    Coconut milk helps in warding off colds and coughs by keeping the immune system healthy. It supplies vitamin C to the body which boosts the immune system.

  10. Promotes the health of prostate gland:

    Zinc plays a vital role in promoting the health of prostate gland. A preliminary study showed that it slows down the activities of cancer cells.

I hope the above mentioned information helps you in understanding the relation between health and coconut milk. It can also be consumed by people with cow’s milk allergy. It is free from gluten and soy. Hence people who are allergic to these substances can also use coconut milk.

84 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Coconut Milk

    1. Shelley

      I’d skip it as it is processed and artificial sugar isn’t good for you. It makes you crave more or real sugar that has no nutritional value at all. I’d only eat this if I was an olympic athlete that needed numerous calories. Even then I’d have to think twice about consuming it.

    2. Susan

      You shouldn’t ever eat artificial anything! You can purchase organic dried coconut and mix it with a bit of honey if you don’t want sugar or use coconut sugar!

    3. Susan

      You shouldn’t ever eat artificial anything! Why would you want to eat something created in a laboratory? You can purchase organic dried coconut and mix it with a bit of honey or coconut sugar! Yum.

  1. Coconut Oil Benefits

    Coconut milk retains most of the nutrients and essential fatty acids that make it so beneficial to our health.

    It is also great to add to recipes especially Thai dishes.

    1. J Babcock

      I ate 10 eggs a week…3 minute soft boiled with runny yokes…for two months while eating 2 to 3 tablespoons of organic whole kernel coconut oil daily. Result: cholesterol went from 225 to 165.

      I never eat eggs where the yoke has hardened at all….This is evidence of oxidation…which will cause cholesterol problems. So eat and cook with coconut oil only (olive oil if applied after cooking or on salads) and watch your cholesterol fall…if it is anything like mine.

    1. Martha

      Hi, the diarrhea is due to a detox reaction. I you keep drinking it the body will over pass this. It kill candidiasis, bad bacterias, etc. My husband has undergone this. Good luck>

    2. Dave Mello

      Yes, I Have & Even Just Drinking Coconut Milk Alone Makes Me Regular . But Adding “Nestle’s Quick” Just Makes It More Effective & Work A Whole Lot Faster .

  2. Larry

    Just emptied liquid from recently downed
    Coconuts. It is clear and tastes good but
    It is not milky white but clear. Is this also
    Coconut milk?

    1. TR

      Clear liquid from younger coconuts is called coconut water. It is rich in electrolytes but doesn’t have the same properties as coconut milk.

    2. kim

      Nope, that is coconut water, the fluid inside and apart from opening up the coconut not a lot of work to get to it. The milk, however requires a bit of work because it is squeeze from the white meat of the coconut

    3. DS

      As far as I know, that clear liquid inside the middle of the coconut isn’t coconut milk, its coconut water. And it doesn’t have a high fat content like coconut milk has. Coconut milk is made by squeezing the white meat of the coconut and straining the liquid (this becomes white and looks like heavy cream but whiter).

    4. mb

      No. That’s coconut water. It is very good for hydration. Good after a work out. C’nut milk is made by processing the white coconut.

    5. farzana

      lol that’s just coconut water. Coconut milk is made from what is call the meat of the coconut. You would also have to have a more mature coconut to make this because that’s when the “meat” becomes thick. You can find it in most stores.

    6. Ren

      I think most people refer to that as coconut water. From what I understand, coconut milk is strained from the actual meat of the coconut after it has been grated. Coconut water is also very good for you though.

    7. Shelley

      The clear liquid is called coconut water. When you take the meat of a coconut and the water and blend them together this gives you coconut milk.

    8. Klee-caribbean

      No. what you drank was the water of the nut. if you pick them while young but not too young the water is sweet and you get an equally tasty jelly. if you leave the nut to get mature before picking then leave it to dry, you can shell it, cut it in chips and blend with water to express the milk which is equally tasty and loaded with all the good stuff mentioned in this article.

    9. mari

      That is the Coconut water that you describe- clear liquid, fizzy, sweet and refreshing. It is high in Potassium and given to cardiac patients and a thirst quencher in India, Brazil, Hawaii etc.

      The coconut milk is white milk like derived by crushing or pressing the white pulp inside the coconut also called meat. I usually scrape these out of the hard brown shell and puree with some water in a blender. This is the white liquid used in Indian Kerala curries, Malay, Thai and SE Asian cooking.

      If you boil it, coconut oil seperates out.

      de la Land Of Coconuts- Kerala!

    10. Clotho

      I just came across this site and your post. What you have is coconut water, but it is also very nutritious and great for rehydrating your body. There have been studies of surgeons using coconut milk in placed of plasma, that is how good it is for you!

    11. J

      That is probably coconut water that comes from the hollow belly of the coconut. Coconut milk is derived from the white coconut meat.

    12. Pinky

      No Larry this is coconut water, you get the milk from the flesh of dry coconuts ,by grating it and squeezing with cheese cloth.

    13. mango

      Nope, that’s just coconut water. While this can be tasty from fresh coconuts, true coconut milk will knock your socks off.

      Usually I wait until the coconuts have fallen off the tree and are so old that the husk is brown. Shake and listen to the coconut to hear if there is still water inside. If you don’t hear sloshing, discard.

      Dried husk is easier to take off by striking the coconut on the end of a pick axe or sharpened reebar that is wedged against a rock of big root than it is using a machete. Skewer a section of the husk, then twist the coconut to remove that section of husk. Careful not to crack the nut, you just want to take the husk off.

      Once you have a cleanly husked nut, use the back of a big knife (blunt side) or even a hammer to tap a ring around the ‘tail’ end of the nut and it will open up perfectly. Drain the juice/water into a blender/food processor, then keep tapping the remaining pieces of the nut to remove the hard meat from the nut. Put the meat in the blender with the coconut water. Add drinking water if your blender is having a hard time. Blend it up!


      Cracked the cleanly husked nut perfectly in half. Keep the coconut juice/water in a big bowl. Use a traditional coconut scraper to scrape the meat out of the nut. This is a piece of wood that you sit on with an affixed rough piece of metal for scraping.

      Now use a sieve, a clean rag, or even your hand to squeeze the liquid out of the pulp. That leaves you with coconut milk! Congratulations!

      Don’t forget to feed the discarded pulp to your chickens. ;)

    1. Shelley

      I drink 1/2 cup per day and the weight has been falling off. It’s not the fat that you consume in a diet as long as it’s a good fat. The sugar in your diet will put weight on you. You need good fat to lose fat. Good fats include avocado, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and coconut milk. Check all your labels for sugar. Don’t eat any grains, rice, pasta, breads or alcohol and you will lose weight. These all turn into sugar in your body which turns into fat. Also only eat berries and green apples. All other fruits are too high in sugar making you fat. Or if you have to have them, eat them occasionally. Google Maximized Living. There are lots of good recipes on that site.

  3. Hidayah

    In Malaysia, old folks called Coconut tree as The Tree With Thousands of Usage. It truly is! Btw, it is called “Santan” not Santam.

  4. BST

    LOL. That picture with the white coconut milk pouring out of the nut is misleading. Clear coconut water/juice is what you get when you crack open a coconut and pour it like that. Obviously, the person who made that photo just bought coconut milk from a can. Coconut milk is MADE when you grate the white coconut meat and squeeze the juice out with water. Coconut milk DOES NOT come out of the coconut instantly. Just believe me, I lived in the tropics where coconuts grow everywhere.

    1. lillunatik

      I agree with you BST. Coco milk comes from grating forcefully the MEAT of the coconut, or blending it… It does NOT come right away after cracking open the mature coconut with a big hammner or banging it on top of a rock like my ancestors, my grandmother and mother… used to do in the CARIBBEAN where coconut trees are in everyone’s backyard as a decorative / culinary plant to cool off the air during the hot summer days. Way to go partner! CHEERS WITH COCONUT WATER / MILK!

  5. Leah

    Cocnut water come from the inside not the white skin inside,I should know I been drinking the water since childhood.

    1. Linda Grenwis

      You can buy coconut milk at Fresh Market, Whole Foods,maybe Trader Joes? Lowes Foods and Walmart here in SC carry the sweetened version, I prefer the unsweetened. I use it in my morning smoothie, add raw egg, raw organic cacao, honey and coconut oil.

    2. Jt

      Yes, I use coconut milk all the time, I don’t even use regular cow milk anymore. It’s a little more expensive, but I like it so much better. It’s also lower in calories that this page clams, at least the one I buy is: 1 cup is 80 cals. The brand that makes it the best is Silk and it’s called PureCoconut! Deeeelicious!

    3. wsmith

      Silk Soy now produces Coconut Milk – 80 calories per glass whereas Silk Soy Vanilla is 100 calories. YOu should be able to purchase it in major grocery store chains.

  6. Rick

    Come to tropical Island like Philippines you can see the actual juice of the coconut. We can compare the actual juice of the young coconut to a carbonated water, the color is like a cloudy sparkling water. If you grated and squeeze the mature coconut white kernel then you can get the coconut milk.

  7. Sooze

    I have been buying organic unsweetened coconut milk in the can from the health food section. I drink about 1/3 cup full in a regular size coffe mug every morning. After only one week I can see a difference. First of all, I am not hungry during the day nearly as much (previously always felt like I was starving). Secondly, my skin is soft and glowing. Too soon to measure weight loss, but I have more energy.

    DO NOT buy any coconut milk that says LOW FAT or REDUCED FAT. The additives they put in are bad for you and anyways, the fat in coconut milk is good for you!

    I will keep everyone updated as to any weight loss.

  8. Linda Casery

    I have two cans of coconut milk. Is it alright to add some of it in what I eat daily. Thinking cereal, soup, and something for dinner?.

  9. Pauline

    I have a cholesterol problem and noticed there is 25% saturated fat in one (1) glass of chocolate coconut milk. Should I be concerned?

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.


    1. David

      The fat in coconut milk and coconut oil is good for your body. You should research the benefits of coconut oil/milk and read about the fats in them. You’ll be surprised at what you learn. If you ever dive into the coconut world, check out

    2. Oscar Mendoza

      I read this few months after this was posted but I was compelled to reply. I really hope that sometime this comes out from the medical community ‘research’ to the public. The truth about fats. Coconut oil is a full saturated oil, but it does not have cholesterol (which really this is another subject which “I think” medicine is currently misinformed). Coconut oil in fact can trim your waist and lower your cholesterol. I eat a diet very high in Saturated Fats with Coconut oil and Coconut milk being a big part of it. The only fat I use for cooking is Coconut oil. I prepare daily coconut milk kefir. My cholesterol levels are always at the optimal levels as so my lipid profile. I do get yearly checkups at work and get to interview with a doctor. They always ask me about my diet and ‘how I should be eliminating saturated fats’. I asked them, how come I have been eating this way for years and have no problem with cholesterol, my blood pressure is in the healthy range for a 20-some year old while in fact I am almost 50. My weight is in a normal healthy range. Coconut oil metabolizes in your body in a very different way in comparison to other fats. Also Lauric and Caprilic acid from the oil have very positive effects on your immune system. Please do not be concerned at all about consuming coconut products. I see the coconut like a miracle product. All that can produced out of it and healthy.

    3. mari

      Yes absolutely avoid the white coconut milk.In Kerala, India known for coconut trees, there is a higher incidence of heart diseases and stroke because their cuisine is heavily dependent on coconut milk.

      Instead try coconut water which is clear and loaded with potassium.

    4. T K Martinez

      @Linda, if you have cans of coconut milk, I would recommend dilluting 1 part coconut milk to 2 parts water for a more drinkable consistency in your cereal. You can use it right out of the can for cooking.

      @Pauline, always consult your doctor when you have questions about how diet will impact your health. It depends on who you talk to: I tend to believe the plant-based saturated fat found in coconut is in fact beneficial, but there is not enough scientific research into plant- vs animal-based saturated fats to make this a fact. I’m also not sure how the addition of chocolate impacts the nutritional profile of the coconut milk. I would definitely recommend you try unflavored (if not unsweetened) coconut milk, though — it is very delicious and creamy!

    5. Linda

      Hi Pauline,
      The saturated fat in coconut is made up of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids the body quickly turns into energy instead of storing as fat. Therefore, even though it’s high in saturated fat, coconut can aid in weight loss.

      It should actually lower your cholesterol. A good amount is about 1 cup a day.

  10. maria elena garcia

    I’ve been drinking coconut dream-coconut drink, is really good, is the same benefits as the regular coconut milk? taste the same..

  11. mayette S. Dialde

    thank you for such good information about i know that coconut milk is helpful into our health……tnx

  12. Brandi

    @Pauline, the saturated fat in coconuts are made up of middle-chain fatty acids and therefore actually helps lower cholesterol inadvertantly by increasing the metabolism. You will NOT gain weight from the saturated fat of coconuts. It does nothing but GOOD things for the body.

  13. Cobes

    When they refer to ‘coconut milk’ they’re actually talking about the natural liquid itself from the coconut.
    Not a milk product that is coconut flavour OR coconut milk with flavouring in it. That takes away almost all of the nutritional value.

    Again, with Sooze’s comment – Coconut is a healthy fat so there is no need to reduce it. Sugar is usually added to low fat products to retain the taste value although our bodies can process fats a lot better then sugar. Sugar will encourage your body to store food as fat.

  14. Grant

    I can successfully loose weight eating 1,000 t0 1,500 calories/day. Today, I was feeling hunger pains so I ate a heaping tablespoon of coconut milk. My hunger did not come back for several hours. Its too, the high fiber makes you feel full, blocking the desire to eat. 100 grams is 220 calories but that is a lot of milk.

  15. Pushpa

    I have severe knee problem ie popping knees with severe pain,and with lot of creaking sounds. My weight is 65 kg. Please tell me how much quantity of coconut milk can I take in a day?.

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  17. Osei

    I enjoy cocoa nut water and the meat very much but unfortunately I cannot buy the milk because it’s not on sale where I live. It means I have to prepare it myself. Please, I want to know if there is anything else to be added in the course of preparation to make it more richer. Also, is it enough for me to enjoy only the meat since the milk is extracted from the meat? Thanks for your time.

  18. OptioneerJM

    I came here after Googling “Nutrional Bennefits” of Coconut Milk after just buying some for the first time after slightly recalling it had some benefits.

    I was happy to see even more benefits than I realized.

    Sadly though, you don’t have a “Share” button on your site (which undermines your efforts — a “follow me” button is not suffice).

    Jeannette Marshall

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  20. Fried Green Aprons

    Just had my protein shake and used coconut milk after reading this … and you’re right, I feel lots fuller than usual.The added benefits are a big plus , too!

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