25 Home remedies for asthma

Asthma is an allergic condition which effects the respiratory system.Asthma treatments are classified into two major types. One is the emergency treatment which deals with the attacks of asthma. Bronchodilators are used in this for dilating bronchioles, that eases the air flow. Inhaled steroids are also used as a second treatment for a more effective treatment.If you would like to try some home remedies which are known to work to reduce the frequency of attacks and get off medication quickly, here is a list.Also there are some remedies listed out here that can help soothe the respiratory tract and ease breathing during an attack.


  • Mix 10-15 drops of garlic juice with warm water everyday for asthma relief.
  • Mix 1/4 cup onion juice, 1 Tbsp honey and 1/8 Tbsp black pepper. Consume this paste everyday.
  • Mix liquorice and ginger powders and take ½ tbsp in 1 cup of water for relief from asthma.
  • Drink a glass of 2/3 carrot juice and 1/3 spinach juice, 3 times a day .
  • Add 30-40 leaves of Basil in 1 liter water, strain the leaves and drink this water regularly.
  • Take some Radish, Honey and Lemon juice, and blend them. Mix for 20 minutes and then put in a pan and keep on the stove on low heat. Take one teaspoon in the morning everyday.
  • If you don’t have your medicine on hand when you sense an attack, drink a cup of coffee. Or drink any Soft drinks with caffeine (colas). Caffeine is known to calm the effects of an attack.
  • Eat some honey or hold a jar of honey under the nose and inhale the air, you will start breathing easier and deeper when under an attack.
  • Three or four dry figs should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and soaked overnight. Eat them next morning.Follow this everyday for effectiveness.
  • The juice of one lemon, diluted in a glass of water should be taken with meals everyday.Vitamin C is known to be a good remedy for allergies.
  • Five grams of Indian Gooseberry mixed with one tablespoon of honey should be taken every morning.
  • Buy wild cherry tree bark from your local herbal store. And make tea with the bark. You can drink it hot or cold everyday.It can reduce th efrequency of attacks.
  • The roots of bitter gourd plant are also used for the treatment of asthma. A teaspoon of the root paste, mixed with an equal amount of honey or juice of the tulsi leaves, given every night for a month, acts as an excellent medicine for this disease.
  • Make a soup with drumstick leaves, by adding a handful of leaves to 180ml of water and boiling it for five minutes. Allow it to cool, add a little salt, pepper, and lime juice. Drink this once everyday.
  • A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with a cup of fenugreek decoction and honey, is very good for asthma. The decoction of fenugreek can be made by mixing one tbsp of fenugreek seeds in a cupful of water. Drink this once in the morning and once in the evening everyday for a month.
  • Take ten garlic cloves and boil in 30 ml of milk. This mixture should be taken once daily.
  • Steaming ginger tea with two minced garlic cloves in it can also be taken every morning and evening.
  • The herb bishop’s weed has been found to be valuable in asthma. Half a teaspoon of bishop’s weed should be mixed in a glass of buttermilk and taken twice daily.
  • Safflower seeds are also known to be beneficial in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Half a teaspoon of powder of the dry seeds, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, should be taken once or twice a day.
  • Use a herb called ‘ginkgo biloba’, it contains ginkgolide B which is very helpful for asthma patients.
  • Mullein oil is also good for asthma. The oil can be extracted from the seeds in the form of a tea and then consumed.
  • Try and eat salmon fish 3 times a week and take salmon oil capsules.
  • Put some Roman chamomile flowers in a bowl of boiling water for a steam inhalant.
  • Mix 1-2 ml eucalyptus essential oil in a 23 ml carrier oil(almond, sunflower or wheatgerm oil) for a chest rub. Place a few drops on a pillow or handkerchief as an inhalant.
  • Take some sage leaves. Boil the leaves and inhale the steam.
  • A similar method can be followed with thyme leaves.Mix with water and put on a stove. Inhale the steam.

Natural remedies for allergies

The term allergy refers to an unusual or a changed tissue reaction after exposing it to an allergen or an antigen. Allergy develops when your immune system becomes very sensitive to certain allergens. Allergy can affect any part of the body.The most common allergens are drugs, vaccines, serums, poisonous plants, animal hair, cosmetics, dust and pollen. It can also be caused due to too much exposure to physical agents like sunlight, heat and cold sometimes.


It has also been found that certain foods can also trigger allergic reactions. Sneezing is the most common manifestation of allergies in most people. Skin reactions, swelling of eyes and face are also indications to allergic reaction. There are some natural remedies that can help with mild allergies. Some of them are listed out for you.

Natural Remedies for Allergies:


  • Sandalwood is a good remedy for skin allergies.The best home remedy would be application of sandalwood paste on the infected area. Combine lime juice and sandalwood to make a paste. Apply this on the afflicted area to get relief from itching and to give a soothing effect.

Almond Leaves:

  • Almond leaves are another remedy for mild skin allergies. Grind  almond leaves into a fine paste and apply it on the afflicted areas to get relief from itching and other allergis reactions. This is another effective remedy for allergies.

Mint leaves:

  • Mint leaves when consumed, can be a good remedy for allergic reactions. Add 5 grams of garden mint in water and make a paste with them. Strain the mixture and add 12 grams of sugar to it. Consume this mixture twice a day to get relieved from the symptoms of allergies.


  • Papaya is a long known remedy for allergies. It can be use dboth externally and internally.Smash papaya seeds and rub them on the infected areas to get rid of itching. Also, consuming papaya fruit everyday can help in reducing the immune system reactions to allergens.

Coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil is a good natural remedy for skin allergies.Mix coconut oil and lemon juice and apply it on the affected areas regularly for relief from allergies.

Poppy seeds:

  • Poppy seeds are known to be quite effective in curing allergies that are related to the skin.Combine a tablespoon each of lime juice, water and poppy seeds to make a thick paste. Apply it on the afflicted area to get relief from allergic reactions of the skin.

Citrus fruits:

  • Citrus fruits when consumed are known to act against allergies effectively. The best natural remedy  would therefore be consumption of foods that are rich in vitamin C, ie., citrus fruits.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Apple cider vinegar is a good remedy that acts against allergies.Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it everyday so that you will be affected less by allergens.

Natural remedies for boils

Boils are a kind infection of the skin.They form red and pus-filled swellings on our body which cause a great deal of pain. Bacteria are usually responsible for boils, especially a bacterium known as Staphylococcus. People suffering from skin problems such as eczema or other health problems are more prone to boils.They are usually treated with anti microbial creams. There are some natural remedies which can be of great help. Some of them are listed out for you.

Wheat grass juice

Apply wheat grass juice on the affected skin are. It is a very good blood purifier and natural antiseptic. Also consuming 50 ml of this juice internally twice a day can be effective.

Semi-baked onion

Bake an onion such that it is not completely burned and apply it on the boil. This is an age old treatment for boils that can remove them very quickly.

Turmeric powder

Make a paste of turmeric by adding little juice of Holy Basil leaves. This paste should be applied over the effected area.Turmeric is known to be a good anti septic agent and can remove bacteria effectively


Grind the seeds of Fenugreek and make a paste with the powder with warm water such that the paste is warm.Apply this paste on the site of the boil. It is known to be a good natural remedy .

Dry ginger and asafoetida

Grind ginger and add asafoetida powder to it.Add warm water to make a paste. This paste should be applied on the boils twice a day for effective removal of boils.

Neem leaves

Boil some Neem leaves to prepare a decoction.Dip a cloth in it and rub it over the boils or wash the boils with this water. It can be an effective natural remedy for boils.


Myrobalans are a good natural remedy for boils. Boil myrobalans and use the decoction as a cure for boils by applying it over the boils.

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are known to be a good natural remedy for boils. Make a paste of the seeds and rub the paste over the boils. Leave it on for about 15 mins and wash it off for effectiveness.

foot odor

Natural ways to get rid of foot odor

Foot odor, the unpleasant smell that comes off the feet can be quite problematic sometimes. Most of the time, the reason is sweating of the soles and the growth of bacteria on the sweat. Wearing socks made of materials like polyester or nylon can increase the sweat production and some shoes can also be the cause for foot odor. Here are some tips that can be followed to decrease your foot odor.

foot odor

Tips to get rid of foot odor

  • Wash your feet with soap atleast twice a day.
  • Apply foot powders like Tinactin Anti fungal Foot Powder twice a day. It can help kill odor-causing fungus. But, don’t apply the powder on sweaty feet and apply only when the feet are dry.
  • To get rid of the foot odor, soak your feet in a small tub of hot water to which one-third of a cup of natural apple cider vinegar was added 2-3 times a week.
  • Before wearing shoes, sprinkle baking soda inside your shoes. This is known to be a good remedy for getting rid of foot odor as baking soda absorbs most of the sweat that is on your soles. If you have to wear shoes for a long time, keep sprinkling baking soda from time to time.
  • Brew two tea bags in one quart of warm water and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes in this warm water. Do this every night until the problem is gone. Tea is good for keeping your feet odor free and perspiration free because it contains tannic acid that kills bacteria that are responsible for the odour and also closes off the sweat pores.
  • Pine sol, a kind of clorox that is used  for cleaning can help get rid of foot odor. Put a cup of Pine sol in a tub of hot water and soak your feet in it  until the water cools down. Rinse and dry the feet. Follow this for about 2 to three times a week to get rid of foot odor.
  • Cypress oil is yet another natural remedy for stinky feet. Rub the oil on your feet every morning before you go to work such that you do not have foot odor for the rest of the day.
  • You can soak your feet in a solution of hot water with kosher salt in it once everyday. It is known to be an effective way to control the sweating when used regularly.
  • Avoid eating foods like garlic and onion that not only make your feet sweat a lot but also make them smell because of the sulphur in them.
  • Try to consume 15 to 30 milligrams of Zinc per day either alone or as a part of your multi-vitamin capsules. This can help reduce the odor within a week or two. But, do not take more than 30 mg. of zinc without medical supervision, as it is known to cause damage to the immune system.
  • Try and wear socks which are made of cotton or wool as they absorb sweat and thereby make your feet stink less. Also never skip wearing socks as wearing only shoes tends to increase sweating.
dry hair

6 Natural remedies for dry hair

Drying up of the hair is a very common problem that can be quite problematic, and is being faced by a number of people. Some times dry hair can also lead to severe headache.There are many reasons that are responsible for drying up of hair. However, with regular care and a few natural remedies, you can get rid of dry hair and make it smoother. Here are six natural ways to make you hair smooth.

dry hair


Lack of enough water in the body is one of the major reasons for dry hair. You should drink ateast 8 glasses of water every day so that your hair gets enough water supply and doesnt dry up. Also, try and include a lot of fresh juices and liquids in your diet.This not only smoothens your hair but also makes your hair shine.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera plants extracts are known to be highly beneficial in making your hair smooth. Aloe vera extracts contain elements that tend to moisturize the hair follicles thereby removing the dryness. Apply aloe vera juice on o your hair for about 15 to 20 mins before you wash it off and the change in the texture of your hair can be noticed in about 2 months time.


Egg whites are known to be a good remedy for dry hair. Most natural shampoos and hair products are made of eggs. Take an egg and add yogurt to it. Beat them well and apply it to the hair. Let it stay for about half an hour and rinse it with warm water.


Take 2 ripe bananas and mash them. Add yogurt to it. Apply this through the length of your hair, beginning from scalp to the tips. Cover the hair with a shower cap so that it does not leak out for about 20 minutes and then rinse your hair. You can notice a change in the hair texture as soon as you wash your hair.


Beer has been used since long time for smoothening of dry hair.Application of beer gives shine to your hair. Fill beer in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair after washing and drying the hair. It acts like a conditioner and gives sheen and shine to your hair.

Henna is an herbal remedy which moisturizes the dry hair. Add used up tea powder to 3 tablespoons of henna powder to make a fine paste. Add some fresh yogurt as well. Allow it to stand overnight and apply it in the morning. Let it stay for about an hour and rinse it off with a mild shampoo. Follow this once a week for smooth hair.

Any of these remedies can only work if they are followed regularly. On following regularly i.e, for atleast once every 3 days, by the end of about two to three months, you can get rid of dry hair for good.

memory improvement

5 Natural Foods for Memory Improvement

There are some foods that can help in memory improvement boost your thinking and logical capabilities.Five such foods, when made a part of your diet can help greatly in increasing your memory.These foods are known to help especially with age related memory loss.memory improvement

  • Rosemary tea for memory improvement

    Rosemary is a herb that is known to improve memory when taken in the form of tea.Make tea from the herb rosemary and drink it twice a day.

  • Almonds for memory improvement

    Almonds are good for memory improvement. Soak 10-12 almonds in water overnight. The next morning, grind them to make a fine paste and take this paste with 1 tsp of butter . They are also known for strengthening the nervous system.

  • Black pepper for memory improvement

    Grind a few seeds of black pepper and take this powder with 1table spoon of honey. This paste when consumed twice a day is known to be good for memory improvement.

  • Sage for a good memory

    The herb sage acts on the cortex of the brain and thereby strengthens it. Drinking tea prepared from the leaves of the sage tree can be a great help for memory improvement.

  • Cumin seeds for memory improvement

    Mix about 3 grams of cumin seeds with honey and eat a sppon of this mixture for twice a day. This is knwon to be a good remedy for memory loss especially when caused due to ageing of the body.

Tips for memory improvement:

  • Take phosphorus rich foods like cereals, pulses, milk, nuts, egg yolk, fruit juices etc. as they are known to help increase your memory power.
  • Cow’s milk is very beneficial for people with a weak memory or memory loss due to ageing.
  • Eat an apple everyday day . It is an effective tonic for the brain.
  • Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday as sleep deprivation can be a reason for weak memory.
  • Relaxing techniques like meditation are known to help greatly in memory improvement.


remedies for ear infection

Natural Remedies for Ear Infection

Ear infections are quite common caused by microbial organisms and leading to painful consequences like inflammation, redness and tenderness such that you wont be able to touch your ear. Ear infections can be external, internal or middle based on the part of the ear that is infected and each of these types have different symptoms. Any kind of ear infection should not be neglected and should be treated immediately. Along with regular medication, there are some natural remedies for ear infection that can help hasten the healing and also prevent recurrence. Some of them are listed out.

remedies for ear infection

Natural Remedies for Ear Infection

  • Dilute onion or garlic juice with water that has been boiled put a few drops of this in your ear about twice a day. The antibiotic properties of these substances is known to help.
  • Fill a small cloth bag with salt and press it against the ears. You can also use an old sock for this purpose.
  • Use colloidal silver to wash your ear. You can use about 500 parts per million to 100 parts per million of silver.
  • Using ear candles available from health stores can also help draw impurities out of the ear. Try to get expert guidance or have someone trained in removing wax do it for you as it can be dangerous.
  • Steam your ears by adding essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus oils to the hot water.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide ear drops to clean your ear. This is known to be an effective way of removing the dirt and wax from your ear which could be the cause of infection.
  • Heat olive oil and put a few drops of it in your ear after it has cooled down to room temperature.Clean it out with an ear bud after about a minute.
  • Zinc is known to fight ear infections and zinc rich foods when consumed are known to be a good remedy for ear infection.Try and include foods that are rich in Zinc in your diet like, oysters, crab, low fat roasted beef and peanuts.
  • Try not to prick your ears with pointed things like pins or pens although there may be a lot of itching as it can worsen the infection.
  • Smoking is known to worsen the infection, so try and avoid cigarette smoking and try not going around people who smoke as smoke from other people’s cigarettes might also harm you.

7 Natural Remedies for Fever

Fever is a condition where the temperature of the body rises beyond the normal levels of the body temperatures as a response to an infectious condition.High temperatures are harmful to us and can effect the rest of the body organs if it is not controlled immediately. Apart from the regular fever medication, there are some effective natural remedies for fever that can be followed at home.Some of them are listed out for you,

home remedies for ear infection

Holy Basil:

One of the most effective home remedies for common fever is the use of holy basil. Make a paste using twelve grams of holy basil leaves, boiling them in half a litre of water. This should be consumed twice everyday with half a cup of milk, one teaspoon of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of powdered cardamom. This will reduce the temperature.

Fenugreek Seeds:

Drink some tea made from fenugreek seeds twice in a day. It is very effective as a cleansing agent and makes for a soothing drink.


Another home remedy that can be very effective is the tea made from saffron. Prepare this tea by adding half a teaspoon of saffron in 30 ml of boiling water. Give a tablespoon of this tea to the patient every hour until the temperature gets back to normal.

Raisin water and lemon juice:

The extract that is got from  raisins is known to be very helpful in the treatment of common fever. This can be prepared by soaking twenty-five raisins in half a cup of water and crushing them in the same water. Strain the rest of the pulp. This leaves behind raisin water that becomes a tonic. Add a teaspoon of limejuice to the extract. Take this twice in a day for reducing the temperature.


A cup of fresh juice of apricots mixed with one teaspoon of glucose or honey is very good for fevers. It quenches the thirst caused by fever and removes waste products from the body. It also supplies vitamins and minerals to the body.


The juice of grapefruit is known to be good in reducing temperatures. It is helpful in quenching the thirst that a person with fever tends to have and reduces the body pains that are caused by fever. It is better to drink grape juice in a diluted form though when you are suffering from fever so mix it with water before drinking.


Another ideal food to eat when you are down with a fever is an orange. It gives you energy, increases urinary output, and promotes the resistance of the body against infections along with reducing the body temperature.

get rid of blackheads

8 Natural remedies that can get rid of blackheads

Blackheads or open comedos are accumulations of sebum and keratin in the hair follicles of the nose (sometimes on the back) that appear black because of the reflection of light on the pores.There are medications that can alter the hormone productions which can have many side effects and rigorous beauty treatments that can affect your skin that work against blackheads. However, there are some home remedies that are perfectly safe and can get rid of blackheads for you in a very less time when followed regularly.
get rid of blackheads

Lime juice and ground nut oil

Mix lime juice and groundnut oil in equal proportions and apply it onto your skin for about 15 mins before washing it away. This can help get rid of blackheads for you.
Iodine and Epsom salt
Add 4 drops of iodine and Epsom salt to half a cup of hot water. Mix it well and let it cool. Use a cotton ball to apply it on the area affected to get rid of blackheads.
Fenugreek leaves
Make a paste with fenugreek leaves and apply it on the blackheads affected area. Leave it untouched for about 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. When followed for about a month religiously, this can work against blackheads.
Radish paste
Make a paste with grated radish or apply radish juice over the affected area. This can get rid of blackheads very quickly.
Almond powder and rose water
Make a paste with powder ground from almonds and rosewater and apply it on the blackhead affected area. This is known to be an effective remedy for blackheads.
Natural scrub made from salt, honey, lime and yogurt
Mix salt, honey, lime and yogurt in appropriate proportions and use it as a scrub on your face and the blackhead affected area.Try and use rock salt as it is hard and can make an effective scrub.
Egg white face mask
Beat an egg white and apply it on your face in the form of a mask. Let it stay for a few minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Later wipe it off with a clean towel. This aids in eliminating blackheads.
Lemon Juice
Application of lemon juice on the nose or on your back is an effective way to get rid of blackheads. Lemon juice may not be suitable for everyone though, as it is acidic in nature and can cause a burning sensation on the skin.
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stop nose bleeds

Home remedies that can stop nose bleeds

Nose bleeds  scientifically termed as  Epistaxis are a common problem for many people and are seen especially in kids. It can be caused due to many factors like allergies, inflammation, minor injuries, humidity variations in the air that has been inhaled (often due to low humidity) and hot weather. The bleeding can happen posteriorly or anteriorly. Anterior bleeding is more common and is also considered less dangerous. It is usually treated with medication that constricts the blood vessels like oxymetazoline or phenylephrine. However, if there is no medication available immediately, some home remedies are highly useful to stop nose bleeds.

stop nose bleeds

Applying pressure:

Applying pressure on the bridge of the nose can stop nose bleeds to an extent as it allows blood to clot. See that your head is tilted forwards as this might help in preventing the blood flowing backwards into your GIT or the respiratory tract and create nausea and breathing problems. The pressure should be applied for at least 15 to 20 mins until the bleeding stops.


Use gauze or tissues to stop bleeding by placing them under your nostrils. This can absorb all the blood and stop the flow of blood backwards into the respiratory or the digestive tracts.


Smell a freshly cut chunk of onion by placing it under your nostrils. This is known to help in stopping the bleeding of the nose as the vapours that are emitted when an onion is cut are known to have a coagulant property that can clot blood.

Ice packs

Apply ice packs around the bridge of the nose. This can stop nose bleeds by constricting the blood vessels. You can use a wet cloth or frozwn sponges instead of ice packs.

Salt, Vinegar and lemon

Add a pinch of salt to a tablespoon of vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice to this mixture. Put  a few drops into your nose to stop nose bleeds instantly.

Cayenne pepper

Add some cayenne pepper to warm water and put a few drops into your nose and drink some of it.This is known to stop nose bleeds by circulating through out the blood and controlling the pressure at some points reducing hemorrhages.

Lemon water

Directly spraying a few drops of lemon water into your nose can be helpful in controlling a bleeding nose. It is known to be especially effective when the nose bleed is caused by hot weather.

Golden seal

Golden seal is a herb that is known to prevent bleeding of the nose. Keep a stock of the herb at your home and spray a few drops of it into your nose for relief from bleeding. For preventing nose bleeds, try and drink the tea everyday .


Apply vaseline on the inside of your nose to stop nose bleeds as this can help in moisturising the inner surface of your nose .This is more of a preventive measure than a cure and should be followed when you think you might have a nose bleed.