Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

You cannot stop the formation of pimples. Pimples may spoil your days and leave behind aesthetically unpleasant scars. Hence, pimples are a blot on the beauty of a woman. Every woman wishes to get rid of them as early as possible when they are planning for a date or a party with her friends. Your opening of this page will surely help to get rid of pimples overnight. In order to have pimple free skin overnight, all you need to do is to follow these simple remedies at home.

How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight?

Following are some simple home remedies to get rid of pimples as early as possible:


This is the most famous remedy to get rid of pimples overnight. Apply toothpaste before going to bed. Do not use gel for this. At night, wake up for a few times and check whether toothpaste covering is still there, else re-apply toothpaste on the acne. You will find a significant improvement in the morning.


Take a container and fill it with water. Boil the water for a few minutes and later keep the container below your face. Let the steam to moisturize your face for 2–3 minutes. Rinse your face with tepid water. This helps in removing dirt, dust and oil from the skin pores without aggravating pimples. Application of an oil free moisturizing lotion helps to restore the lost moisture. This remedy aids in getting rid of pimples.

Lemon juice:

Another simple remedy to get rid of pimples is application of lemon juice on the acne before sleeping. Sleep happily to see pimples getting dried the next morning.

Honey and cinnamon:

This is a pleasant smell giving acne treatment. Mix honey and cinnamon to make a paste and apply it over pimples before going to bed. Next morning wash your face with cold water. You may feel itching sensation in the first few minutes as honey is sticky. You will find that the pimples are dried and dead the next morning.

Lavender oil:

Although this remedy is not effective for all, it has helped many teenagers in getting rid of pimples. Apply lavender oil on pimples to dry them to a great extent. Apply lavender oil repeatedly to get rid of acne overnight.

These are a few home remedies to get rid of pimples overnight. These do not have any adverse effect on your skin but some may not be effective on your skin. Follow a remedy for a few weeks and if you do not find any improvement, consult a dermatologist for further assistance.

376 thoughts on “Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

  1. preslie

    well the toothpaste didnt really work for me but the ice did it brought down the pimple size but not the redness but it worked as it said it would

    1. Rich

      The Toothpaste works, might not for you but it really does. I was glad with my improvement actually. Also, try the steam thing. What I do is:
      1. Take a big bowl
      2. Fill it with hot, hot, HOT, water
      3. Place your face over it
      Hope it worked, follow the steps and yeah. I’m not sure for how long, but try it.

      1. amy mcdonald

        if you have this bowl take a gloth and place it over your head sealing off the bowl.. so the steam stays near your face… works 10x faster

    2. Madlyinlove

      I’m trying the toothpaste tonight… I really like this guy and there’s a Christmas dance coming up… U get the point

  2. maaaa

    What I do is I get an ice cube and i put it on the spot after i STEAM my freaking face and i leave it on for 10 minutes and then i just wait overv night to seee the RESULTS.
    S: Sanitary results
    T: The steaming works
    E: Everyone does it
    A; After Wash your face
    M: My face feels so soft!

    1. farren

      yes. it does so i recommend that you steam your face instead :) but do you guys know anything else? something simple and can get rid of my pimples befor going to school?

    2. Caitlyn

      Well sort of, what it does is block any air and dirt from entering and making the pimple bigger then it basically dries out the pimple. You can relate it to wart cream i supose. Anyways I use it and it works for me!
      I hope this awensered your question!

    1. janaki.

      let me tell u friend use colgate (normal or rather the basic one instead of max fresh cristals or gels that ll show u a result)
      take care!!!!!!!!

    2. !!!

      YES egg whites do work I had a few really little ones but it was so red! so i mixed:
      1 tablespoon of yoghurt
      1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
      1 tablespoon of honey
      and 1 egg (white and yolk)
      mixed it up till all was combined apply on face leave on for 5 min then wash off!
      and it got rid of the redness as soon as I washed the mask of! Try it, it works!!!

    3. Emiley

      for your egg question what you want to do is seperate the white from the yellow part of the egg and put each one in 2 diffrent bowls, then you dampen your face not fullly wet just damp and mix the egg white together til it is foamy then you apply that to your face until it dries once it dries wash it off then dampen your face again and brake the yoke then put the yoke on your face until that dries then take that off and your face willlook clear and feel soft (:

    4. jessica

      the toothpaste thats non gel are the white ones. normally it says if its gel or not on the box. eggwhites to work, but it makes your face tight. and dries your face.

    5. Tessa

      Please…don’t use egg whites! I tried it, and it dried up my skin super fast, then it got really itchy and red. Toothpaste works, if you splash warm water on your face first, then rub in the toothpaste, wait about 10 seconds, then wash it off with nice warm water. hope this helps :)

    6. Anonymous

      I used egg whites but it isn’t for pimples it’s for blackheads and if you look it up, go to the Crunch Betty website. it has other removal remedies too.

    7. Amanda

      I find that the egg whites work very well. (: But only keep it one for an hour or two or it will dry out your skin. And make sure to moisturize afterwards!

    8. ninja girl__

      The egg whites really does help! Not quite as much deleting the zit. But taking out all the redness and or puffyness.after a few uses they do start going away.hope I helped!:)

  3. Jesica

    I’m trying the cinnamon and honey thing tonight, but I don’t know how I’m going to keep it from getting all over my pillow unless I use a pillow. If it works, I want you to know I used honey straight from my own bees and Harvest Choice ground cinnamon. :)

    1. ilikepizzapie

      I also tried the honey and cinnamon thing a while ago and because I have acne all over my face it got all over my pillow case and sheets and it stains even using stain remover son only use it if you have a protective covering or a sheet for your bed :) (:

    2. S.N.L.

      If you leave the honey and cinnamon on for a couple hours a day, for a few days it works too. Just try you best not to touch your face often. And wash daily.

    3. Pimple Face :(

      I tried the egg white mask…….but didnt see any result. I also tried toothpaste and it just made my pimple even redder and more irritated. I just have a grumpy pimple now:(

  4. sherwin

    I tried the toothpaste it didn’t really work the ice did however it came back up after a while but I’ve heard that strawberry leaves also work is that tru???

    1. Madyson

      I know!!! Toothpaste doesn’t work for me either!!! It suckkkssssss )):< Try using ice. It works for me and i got oily skin. Yes i also heard strawberry leaves work too. I want to try it but I haven't yett….

    2. ava

      i have bed acne and i use honey, non-cooked octmeal and lemon jucise work really well and get it hot littlethen lay floor leave on 20 next morning really small zit bearly see them
      hope it works for you!!!!

  5. Casey

    Well tonight I am going to try the steam and the ice. I hope that it works. I have this big huge pimple that has not punctured the skin yet. I hope that this will make it go down! It looks like I have a wart. If it doesn’t work ya’ll get ready to give me some more suggestions!
    -Casey Rojas:]

    1. farren

      no. it doesn’t…. my sister have tried it with an expensive brand of green tea leaves but it didn’t work. just a waste of money….

    2. Mackenzie

      The best green tea to drink that is great for your whole body is MATCHA green tea powder. You consume the whole leaf instead of simple water that was brewed from them. 1 tsp mixed with 8 ounces of water has the potency of 127 glasses of regular green tea! Try it with a little honey and a splash of skim milk! You want to look for the powder from japan on Amazon, and make sure it’s a lighter green than the greener green. I’m thinking of maybe trying a mask with the green tea, baking soda, and water…

  6. Emely

    huhg i hate my forehead pimples. Theyre not that bad but they look ugly :(
    Sooo i tryed everything to make my forehead clear but nothing seems to be working.
    Soo what i do is i wash my face morning and night with DOVE soap, and use the clinique treatment. first i wash face, then i use a cleansing. it disenfects the affected area and pimple, then i apply the cream treatment, wake up in the morning and seems like it is working. plus i have bangs that cover my forehead, so you cant notice the pimples but still i take care of my skin. Since im an actress. :)

    1. Alia

      ive had awful acne since the day I turned 9! Everyone at school makes fun of me, I can handle the name calling and everything but I am getting so tired of it. So im going to try ALL of these ideas starting right now! I got the harsh end of my famiyl generation I haveacne that is on mychin, nack, chest, back, forehead, ears, the side of my head, my nose, I even have it on my eyebrows! [Please if anyone has an amazing idea please message me! Thanks

    2. Swag

      i have bangs and they say that bangs just make pimples worse. when you sweat the oil and dirt from ur hair touches ur forehead and causes pimples.

    3. Michelle

      What actress are you? And are you really an actress because I’m 12 and I REALLY REALLY want to be an actress some day :)

    4. Samantha ML

      you probably have the pimples because of the oil your hair leaves on your skin when laying on top of your forehead… I would grow out my bangs as quickly as possible and/or clip them back or something.

    5. Janeth

      DOVE soap does not work at all. it has too much oil that is bad for ur face skin it may also clugg ur pores. sulfur and oat soap work really good for washing ur face u can find them almost anywhere like @ walmart and walgreens

    6. Kimberly

      Hey Emily
      The reason ur getting pimples on your forehead is because of your bangs . Your hair has oil or grease which causes your pores to cover up which can cause pimples . This hapend to me trust me that’s why I try to find a way to keep my hair out of my face . When I have my hair and not covering up my face and my pimples are still there is I use some of my sisters or moms makeup . Any way it’s optional to put some make up plus everyone’s pretty in there unique way and I bet your pretty . ????

    7. Alex

      Bangs transfer oil from your hair onto your forehead which cause it to mix with dirt anc clog your pores, which in turn is probably why your acne isn’t clearing up. Try removing your bangs for a couple of days while following the same regimen. Also remember to moisturize!

      P.S. My mom is a dermatologist :)

    8. sarah

      i had all that too but u knw what works…. apply baking soda on it the n rub it with lemon after this team your face but if ur face burns go to sleep! and if it doesnt then aplly ice on it… works for me every time!!!!!!! you can also try adding honey to lemon juice.. works like magic!

  7. Sage

    Pimples just came up ugh!!!!!!! I tried the toothpaste it worked the first time but it barely works now! Im gonna try steam or lemon juice!

    1. Mariah

      I just had a pimple a half hour ago. Take a table spoon of salt and stir in with some Vinegar. Then take a rag and keep putting the mixture on your face! Mine have almost completely disappeared (: hope it helps

      1. Rachel

        eat lots and lots of salads, and avoid sgruay stuff and fast food, you’ve probably heard that before, but it really does help, and drink lots of water, I like to drink water with the crystal light skin essentials, it tastes really good and its not all watery tasting like other drink mixes, and plus it does help your skin i hope that helped, and also wash your face a lot, even if it dries it out don’t use a moisturizer with mineral oils or any oil for that matter, use a water based one because it wont clog pores, also idk if you wear makeup but the dream matte mouse is excellent at not clogging pores as a foundation and concealer, if you have any scarring you can use that to cover it up

      2. Agco

        Hey, I don’t blame you!Here are the tips I use:-Be very regular with your skin care-Never sleep with your maekup on-Wash your face if you work out, or just get sweaty-Always moisturizeOne I cannot stress enough DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. It’s the oldest tip in the book, but it really does make a difference. Sometimes I find myself touching my face and picking, but then I start to break out where I touched. Ick.Here’s a tip that worked WONDERS for me. Another old trick, but works amazingly. Baking soda! Just mix it with a little bit of water to make a paste and apply it to your face. Use it either as a mask or spot treatment. It will sting a little but that’s because its drying up the pimples. Try it out! You’ll notice the difference after about 2-3 days. Promise!Good luck!

    2. S.N.L.

      The honey and cinimon works best. ???? just give it time, also don’t touch your face too often. Our fingers touch a lot of dirty and greasy things during the day. You don’t want that on your face.

  8. Someone

    I am going to a family gathering tomorow and I really need to get rid of my pimples around the nose does anyone know any REAL treatments.

  9. sarah

    Hey do yal know anything to get rid of acne for oily skin? Im going to try the lemon juice tonight when i wash my face…. thanks hope it works!

    1. Julie

      I have oily skin bad and one time i got poison ivy on my face and the ivy-dry actually helped the oil on my face dry up too…think about it..poison ivy is an oil based thing so it would only make sense. just don’t over do it..experiment until you find the routine that works for you.

  10. Crazymad

    I’m actually 10 with this big pimple around my nose and I’m sick of it so imma ask my mom 2 help me with the lemon juice or honey and cinnamon

  11. Megan

    Hey, I’m Megan and I’m 14 years old. My skin used to be PERFECT. I practically died when I started getting acne. My skin went from being smooth, clear, and beautiful to oily, red, and covered in acne. The area of my face that is most affected is my forehead and under my hairline. Though, recently I have come up with my own little system that seems to be working. The first step is to pop the pimples. Yeah, yeah, I know eveyone says that’s a big no no but grow some balls and do it. Next, wash your face once. I use Neutrogena’s facial bar. After drying your face, use an oil removing astrigent such as Sea Breeze or Witch Hazel. Next, use a moisturizer. I use Estee Lauder moisturizer. Do not overuse on moisturizer! After doing this, do the ice trick. Then, put toothpaste on the acne. Go to sleep. When you wake up, wash your face again. You should see an improvement! I hope this helped! :)

  12. Dead

    hey D:
    I had such smooth skin but it’s been a while since I get these big pimples on my face one after the other. It’s kind of embarrassing to go to school like that D:
    I have this big, red one a little under my eye and it’s caused the area around it to swell up. I need help, I can hide the redness with a concealer or something but I really need to get the swelling go down. I tried the ice thing but it didn’t help me at all, what should I do?

    1. asdfjanuary

      I did this and it has worked so far…..other girls at my school use it too. Ok-take an ibprofen/advil ; crunch it up. Put the crunched up stuff in the corner of a small container or like a medicine measuring cup….then put a few drops of water on it. Stir it up.
      It will make a small paste; put it all over your face or just on a specific pimple. Take it off after about 12-15 mins; wash off really good.but dont rub. This should dry up your swelling but it will also dry up pimples.good luck!

    2. Supersmart

      Use a warm wet rag any lay it over your eye and do it as much as possible the swelling will go down significantly

  13. AG

    The ice really does work. I break out badly in the summer and someone told me about the ice treatment and when i came home i grabbed my ice pack and since i was still doubtfull i only put it on one cheek. its hard to keep it on there since it gets extremely cold, but trust me it worked. After i removed the ice pack i was numb and really red, i went to sleep and the next morning the acne on the ice treated cheek was like gone. not everyone is the same, but this just happened to work great for me. I have really oily skin so maybe it would work too on people with the same problem.

  14. Destiny

    Hey guys it’s destiny you guys may know me as crazy mad but I was embarrassed to say my real name but I have something that REALLY WORKS heres what you do.first you pop your pimple o come on don’t be a baby when I did it I actually prayed before my ain’t did it but it’s not that bad but anyway thenwhen you pop it make the hole that you pop big enough because you put peroxide on it to clean the blood then you stuff some epsom salt in the hole and around it tilt your head back so the epsom salt doesn’t drop then put a bandage on it and repeat this procedure every day and just tell your friends you got cut or something and now my pimple was big and now it’s flat and I can feel good now hope it works for you I’m jamaican so jamaicans have a lot of remedies I very no one still read all this but if you are please respond and try it please it REALLY WORKS NO LIE hope it works for you bye. P.S.good luck if you dont try this

    1. Gowher

      I’m too embarrased to film when I have a breuaokt. I just had a couple of pimples on my chin about a week ago, but waited to film until they were gone. I mean, would you want to make a video (to put where ANYONE can see you) when you have pimples on your face? Plus, I don’t need MORE of a reason for people to insult me here on youtube haha

  15. !!!

    Hey if you want to get rid of redness try this home made mask:

    1 tablespoon of HONEY
    1 EGG YOLK
    1/2 teaspoon of VANILLA ESSENCE
    1 tablespoon of YOGURT (VANILLA)

    Mix all ingredents together until combined, Apply mixture to face. Leave on for 5 min then wash off!

    Redness guaranteed to go! Try it, It works!!

  16. Person

    What I do is I put sugar in the morning and night if you do it for like 3-6 days the acne will be gone then just wash your face with water at first your face might feel weird hope it works for you

  17. Mikki

    hey guys,you know whats better?
    put a little bit of ice in a plastic bag and put it where your pimples are for a couple of minutes (5 min recommended)
    at night and you’ll see the results when you wake up

  18. embarrasment , yeah i said it.

    i have bad acne, on my forehead, my back, & I pop them, them seem to get irritated. Ive tried tooth paste overnight, doesn’t seem to work either. I’ve also tried salt water, not the salt in the whole.. but I’m scared. Now how exactly do you do this “”steam”"??? I NEED ANSWERSS. Please reply back im in need for picture dayy tomorrow for cheer!!!!):

    1. Sascha?

      How long did you leave the honey cinimon mask on? Wash your face before. Put 1 tablespoon of cinimon with 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix it let it sit in the fridge for an hour or so. Then smear it on really good. Sit with your face up. Let it stay on your face for like an hour. Wash it off and it’s gonna get better.

  19. person

    so I have this huge pimple on my head that doesnt yet have a head, is their a way to pop a pimple without a head? and also it hurts really bad like their is pressure in my forheadD: someone help meee!

    1. Karina

      what steam does is that it brings all the dirt and infection towards the top of the pimple so that it has a head. i recommend doing this and then the ice trick since the ice will dry up the pimple and the head. do this before bed. in the morning you’ll see results. im about to do this now.. hope it works

  20. desire

    hi..steam does really works it doesnt dry your pimples but stops them from coming also using talcum powder on popped pimples dries them…

  21. stephanie

    I always get a pimple then it gets hugeee and doesn’t. Go away for like two weeks… my bf is coming to see me and I have one that covers my whole end of my nose! What do I do? I’ve tried the steam and the toothpaste I can’t do the honey and cinnamon.. my skin isn’t oily its almost too dry… help me!!

    1. Vani

      If possible, u can use multani soil. It is an ayurvedic soil. Make it wet with rose water or simple water. Apply it on ur face. It really works. It will remove all the dirt and impurities from ur face.

    2. Zo

      I know its late to be answering but i may have your solution. My face is usually oily and warm but in the wintr my face changes quite dry unless i stay inside, therfore my routine has to change. I started using moisturizer so maybe try using one, and if you are try something stronger and keep it from going dry! Then try one of the remedies because dry skin will cause your skin to get irritated or get your oil glands working too much

  22. sad

    i have this pimple on my cheek for past 4 5 days…i tried to get rid of it with the ice but it doesn’t go away…i have to get rid of it by tomorrow…HELP pls.i have a normal skin n i hardly ever get any pimple.

    1. Girl

      Try using lemon and honey twice a week for ten minutes and rinse off with warm water and then cold water.
      Make honey and water toner and apply it every night and sleep with it.
      You will love ur skin.

  23. Hannahh

    What I do is actually working. I have literally baby soft, acne free skin. I got to like any store, buy some oatmeal soap, use it on my whole body, and use it like it was a facial cleanser on my face in the shower, then use a salysilic acid cleanser after, then use the oatmeal again. When I get out of the shower I pat my face with a towel and it’s soft as hell. If a pimple comes, I don’t even worry. No matter the size. I know so many remedies that actually work and prevent acne and cause soft skin and minimize pours. There’s the honey and oatmeal facial, asprin and lemon juice treatment, (I recommend only doing this once or twice a week), just the oatmeal facial, the honey cinnamon WORKS !!! I’m only 15, and I know almost everthing about the skin, trust me. :)

    1. Dalilah

      i was wondering if you know what is the best way to remove a pimple in one day ? please reply asap ! thank you

  24. Sam

    ok so here’s the chiz, im only 13 yrs old and have this like medium-sized pimple on my forehead Straight IN THE MIDDLE and its very noticing so this cute guy was like Samantha that thing is huge i can see it from all the way over here u needa get rid of that thing, EVERYONE SEES IT i need to get rid of it like NOW RIGHT NOW its too embarrising i popped it 2day in class and tried toothpaste and still trying to find results its horrible i need it away i have perfect skin and now this 1 pimple is driving me mad AHHHHHHHHHH HELPP!!!!!

    1. Ava Jenkins

      First off, don’t go for the guy just because he’s cute. if he’s gonna look at one little flaw instead of all your great assets then MOVE ON. Kids are harsh at your age. But respect and take care of yourself. DO NOT POP YOUR PIMPLES. I’m 19 years old and now i’m addcited to popping. try steaming, go to a dermatologist, anything but popping. I’ve also tried toothpaste and it didn’t work at all. Don’t waste the time or money.

    2. Jen

      Well sweetie, if your thirteen, this is only the beginning for bad skin. Your hormones are going wild as you approach puberty, so expect more breakouts even worse then the one you have now. But when I was your age, I had my mom call my doctor and ask about my acne. He gave me a prescription. One was a gel that you put on your face before you go to sleep, the wash off in the morning. It was called Benzoyl Peroxide Gel. It helped clear my skin up. He also gave me a face wash, which I didn’t use as often, but it was called BPO 8% Creamy wash. Most doctors if you call in will give you these, and depending on your insurance, they’ll even give them to you for free! I suggest you call a doctor.

  25. Swag

    I have tried like 500 home remedies!!! they don’t work. i have decided to put my bangs up but i don’t wanna go to school with my forehead covered in pimples. i have skin. pls pls pls help me!!!

    1. Jamie

      love yourself, sweetie. It won’t last always. Tell your mom and teacher what is happening as well. In my teens my face cleaned up when I washed it with a mild soap (kirks castile)using a facecloth, followed with a noxema astringent, an oil free moisturizer and a benzoyl peroxide cream. I also steamed my face once a week after washing. Now I just get adult hormonal acne. Two big honking zits once a month. It still sucks, but no one makes fun of me and my hubby says I am beautiful even though I look like Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer at least once a month.

    2. Kaylee

      I have the SAME exact problem but I breakout on my cheeks. I’m 13 and I get mad fun of also. It’s not fun. Here’s what I’ve been doing.
      -2 cups of sugar
      -3 tbs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Don’t worry it dosen’t make your skin oily)
      -2 tbs of Honey
      Mix it all up in a container/cup- It should turn out like a scrub- Scrub your face at night two to three times a week. Rinse your face. After a few days to a week, your face should start clearing up. *You CAN save this. Don’t put it in the fridge it will harden up. Put clear wrap/foil over the cup. if you used a container, put the lid on it. Hope this helps for you!! Don’t listen to what the people who are being mean say. Good luck. (:

    3. sabrina

      So this is my remedy .. trust me it really works. So when I was 12 I broke out only in the t- so e which is the forehead. My dad struggled with acne too all over the place .. but anyways its called the hot rag of death sounds scary haha well you get a rag and soak it in hot water and it helps if you use your acne wash and put in the water so it can soak in the rag. After that use a non oily moutrizer I reccoomend neutorgena.

    4. Sascha

      Here’s what you do, Chica. Take 1 tablespoon of Cinnamon and mix it with 2 tablespoons of honey. Pit the mixture in your fridge for an hour. Then put it on your face. Relax, read a magazine, or watch tv. Let the honey/cinimon stay on your face for an hour. Then wash it off. Don’t touch your face too much. Cuz your fingers do get a lot of dirt on them. And PLEASE don’t pop the pimples. It leaves scars.

  26. Gianna

    I used the tooth paste on 3 pimples that I had and only 1 of the pimples that I had were barely noticeable and the other 1 was like a hard red scab and the last one was pretty much the same but it got alittle smaller.

  27. Shy Person

    Okay, so I found that the Honey and Cinnomon REALLY worked! I put it on and washed it off 10 minutes later, and saw the swelling had already gone down! But if you want to get rid of the redness, just mix in some baking powder. But put this on only the pimples, not the whole face- or it will burn! Of you want you only have to leave it on for about Half An Hour, it will be totally unnoticeable(but not completely gone)! But feel free to leave it on overnight! It will completely disappear!

  28. Ashley ciani

    Hey i have thing norhing works i wamt to burn my fave of some one pless help me i only i have 2 but its still nasty

  29. Kaci

    i am 12 and i have pimples all over.I know this is a not at home remide or an over night but i use Exposed and it rlly works.People that have acne like me what make me stop of somthing is where u have been using it for 2 weeks and you see no change then i stop.But with Exposed you see it work every single day you use it (day and night) i hoped this help :) and for people that think they are alone…you are not millions have it or will EVERYONE GETS ACNE!

    1. Kiarn

      You use liquid, make sure you dont get the yolk in it and when you get the white, whisk it with a fork to loosen it

  30. NoNamer

    I am 12 years old and have a lot of pimples and my friends always ask if im wearing cover-up!!!!!(which i do to school to cover) i hate them so much but last night i put the boiling water under my face then i took a rag and laid it on my face for like 2-3 mins. then washed my face, used this clearisil pads on it then astrigent. now this morning i look BEAUTIFUL!!!! no more worries!!!! i hope it lasts! B-) <3

    1. durga

      pimples are due to heavy release of sexual hormones in certain age, they can be only get rid in one way, thats to have and enjoy every moment of sex, so that growth of sexual hormones doesnt increase heat in our body and there will be no pimples for cool ones.

  31. Cyan (Sigh-anne)

    I have loads of pimples. 1 of them is permanent. I use coverup, but its noticeable. I use my hair to cover up my face! I need help! I have:

    5 pimples above my lip.
    1 pimple on the cave ins of my nose on the side
    more then 30 pimples on my forehead
    13 on my chin

    I dont eat healthy. I have ADHD and I have a pill that makes me not eat but controls my ADHD and one of the side effects is not eating so I dont eat much. I am 5″3, 12, born April 25 2000, brown hair with lots of white hair that Ive had scence I was 7, and I need help! I need to have a non-painful, no money cost, free, fast, easy, & gone forever in 1 day acne remedie! Please!

    HELP! I am the pretty popular girl! I need help! I do eat candy mostly, and I never eat healthy. People tell me too, but I dont. So please help me!

    1. heather

      okay the reason you get pimples is because you eat junk food sugar makes your skin break out and if you keep eating junk food your going to get fat and than you may get judged alot more than having pimples!

    2. Ella

      I don’t know OR like you very much after this..there is no NON-PAINFUL, FREE, FAST,EASY,and over night treatment. And your going to get fat and have tons of teeth problems if you dont eat healthy. Other then that eating un-healthy CAUSES breakouts and by saying your pretty and popular..your really just self centered and an attention whore.
      hoped this helped!!
      kisses!! xoxo

    3. Sascha

      First of all, dear, EAT HEALTHY!!!!! I havnt eaten healthy for the past 2 years and I had perfectly beautiful skin when I was 14. Now I’m 16 I gained weight and zits from not being healthy. Just do the honey and cinimon treatment for a couple days in a row. Leave it on for like an hour. Wash it off, and please, I can’t stress this enough, please eat healthy. It makes you feel better physically and beauty wise.

    1. ms. embarrassed to go to a water park

      not so true we put on make up cuz were to self consous and putting make up or concealer on makes it worse

    2. Kristine

      Let me just say, girls DO NOT have it easy. I know you think that we have make-up and all, but guys complain about girls wearing make-up, too. And, it’s more sociably acceptable for guys to have acne then for girls. Girls are I guess expected to have beautiful skin, while guys usually have some acne and it’s okay.

  32. anne 12..and i have these red small pimples or rashes..whateva you wanna call..thesa are not at all big..but really small and yet not getting cured by anything..nothing at all..nothing workkss..
    PLSS NEED YOUR HELP DESPERATELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. teresa

    hay your only 12 so get ues 2 it im 18 and still have problems with it but try uesing Honey and cinnamon. trust me it works i ues it any time i have acny problems. yes its going to fill a little funny but it workes. all u do is apliy it befor you go to bed at night then when wake up in the morrning just wash it off. you will see a change over night and you will love it sooo much.

  34. Tom Young

    Do you all ever think that it’s your diet that is causing your acne? If you want to know how do you get zits, its mainly your diet that causes it.

    I used to have pimples under the skin, I just changed up my diet, and took Acne Expulsion Pills that I ordered from . Those 2 things 2gether made a dramatic difference in my acne. No more pimple popping for me.

  35. ms. embarrassed to go to a water park

    i have this pimple on my forehead and im going to a water park with this guy in two days and i really like him but this pimple is making me not want to go HELP!!! i really want to go but im kinda embarrassed

  36. Noname

    This is super embarrassinq,but i need help 12,and well i have mild acne on my back.My promotion is cominq up in like 3 days and my dress is strapless.I need somethinq that works quick.PLZ help! If you know of anythinqq that really works fast plz reply. Thx i really appreciate it!!

  37. Prem Wati

    Hi Sir/ Madam,

    i am 22 and i have pimples all over, forehead pimples and all face covered by pimples i am very irritate in my pimples and darkness of my face.

    Please look into the matter and give suggestion for me. I am waiting for your rersponse.


  38. Brittany

    So I have one that really works, so you pop your pimples. Don’t be babies you will like the results promise. Then put peroxide on your popped pimples. Yeah it will burn just a litlle and get your face red in them areas. Do this before you go to bed so through the night the redness goes down. Seriously try this, you will not regret this. (:

  39. Char-Char

    I have fairly good skin, only a few pimples, but their just annoying. Im going to try the egg. Sounds weird, but totally awesome xD Hope it works :)

  40. Atis

    On any pimple or acne, cut open garlic then rub it on the infected part at night, wash in the morning. Quite helpful.

  41. Cory

    I’m so tired of acne. I’ve had acne since I was 9 or 10, and I’m 15 now. My face is literally covered in acne. I don’t just mean pmples, I mean acne. I’ve tried ProActive, and Clean & Clear, and they don’t really seem to work for me. I have extremely oily skin, and I’ve heard that using a bar of soap on the face is supposed to help, because it dries out the skin, which is good is if you have overproductive sebum (natural oil produced by skin) glands. I’m going to try the steam, and use salt water and green tea. Hopefull something will work.

    1. Luuucy!

      Hi! You need to try Panoxyl. My mum had acne and she brought some, it was gone in a week. I also have acne and i had some too but a lower strength. I used it for about 1-2 weeks and my Acne has almost cleared up! Just 2 or 3 small pimples now! Also if that doesn’t work use this:
      Get salt, a cup, warm water and cotton balls/wool.
      Add the salt to the water then leave your cotton wool in there for 1 minute. After the time is up press it on to the affected areas, for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes the redness should still be there and your acne will have appeared to have gone . No! It’s still there though. Get 2 clean cotton balls and slowly rub the sides of the affected area. It should be almost gone and fresh. After put some toothpaste on the affected area before bed and wake up 2-3 times to see if the toothpaste is still there, if it is then leave it on if not add some more. You may want to put a towel on your pillow to stop it from getting covered in the toothpaste.

      I hope you try this out! Thanks!

  42. serene

    i tried the lemon juice but it didn’t work and also how do you get rid of the marks that pimples leave on your face

    1. salman

      this all things are waste yaar dont touch the pimples with hand and dont think about it it really goes away after 4 days and i will tell you one truth this creamy companies will mix an acidical chemical for apply there product regularly thus skin will infectjised

  43. ismay

    hey do yall know how to get rid of blackheads..i have them rlly bad in my ears & back…and its no fun me D:
    any advise?

  44. Beauty

    Please help:-O! My face’s ruined…..;-(:-Phahaha:-D!!! Guys, please help, my face’s covered with big n small pimples n my frenz always asked me wat happened but its so embarassing:-(…plse, plse help me!
    Anyway, thank u 4 reading:-)…..

    1. noname

      im not sure if you still have your acne but you should try some type of facemask! or the clearsil ultra face scrub works really well! Or you could you the 4 hour clearisil face gel which you put on your acne and it goes away or gets less irratate in 4 hours! :) hope this helped.. you should be able to find the products at walgreens!

  45. Embarrased. Person

    I’m 12 years old. I want to go swimming, but its really embarrasing becuse i have some pimples on my back. Plz help give me some advice. I would really appreciate it and plz plz plz help me!

    1. Gabby

      Get in the sun. I have the same problem, I’m 13. But mine gets wayy better in the sun. Burn once. Then the skin will start peeling and the gross oily dirty skin will go away, and it should be a lot better, it is for me anyways. And honestly, just go. No one will say anything because everyone gets acne. And if you have long hair, keep it down so it cover’s your back until you are able to get some sun. :) Hope that helps!

    2. Mad

      U bloody bastard, u fat cabbage, u dump headed fatty, may god let your whole body infested with virus…shu!

    3. kristen

      go swimming anyways i had the same problem and i went swimming and the chlorine mixed with sun will clear it up i tanned alot( not in tan beds from the actual sun) then went swimming within 3 days my back acne was gone.

      1. Mad

        U dump headed fatty, u r a bitch, u fat cabbage, may God let ur whole body infested with virus, pimples, zits etc…shu!

  46. Gabby

    So i have back and chest acne. It is really bad in the winter, but in the summer it gets a lot better. GET IN THE SUN. I have also noticed the the chlorine in swimming pools help a little, like it dries it out. That always helps me. But my face is a mess. I has gotten a little better now that is it summer, but it is still bad. I have several around my mouth and chin. I use this apricot scrub and other face wash, and it is alright, but everything else doesn’t really work. I pop mine and get as much pus out as possible, yes gross, but they are alot smaller, then i dry it out with rubbing alcohol. But then my face just has a scab or a scar on the zit. And that is just as noticeable. Please tell me what to do! My skin isn’t very oily, but it isn’t dry. I mean, I’m a teenager. I am very active and play softball in the summer, so i am sweaty a lot. Please help!

  47. Sarah

    Hello, I’m 11yr old, at this coming date 19, I’ve to go to school and my friends’ll start asking questions such as ‘Oh! What happened to your face?!!’, ‘Hey, why has your pimples increased?’ etc. etc. they’ll ask me those questions….but…you know, its really hard to answer those questions, so its a big problem for me. So, please, help me please, help meee…pleaseee….

    1. Jaden Smith

      Hi, Sarah, m 14yr old, just apply toothpaste that is non-gel, but if u’ve sensitive skin, then first apply to only 2 pimples like that…hope it works on u…love you!

    1. Jaden Smith

      Welcome…! My sister, Willow Smith also started to have pimples on her forehead around 3 pimples… Just giving u d news!

      1. Marta

        I used toothpaste many times bfeore and I leaved it overnight on the pimple and the next morning I had a huge yellow pus that was about to explode. Srry if that was growse that;s just happens to me

  48. Emily

    My acne it bad i have scars all over and acne all over it . I WASHED MY face day and night it works a little. I need so facts before middle school comes

    1. Mad

      U stupid, fool! How dare u post a comment in dis site? Everyone, she is my servant n c didn’t have d rgt to post a comment, u!!!

  49. Rosabella

    Hi, m 11yr old…my face has been covered with pimples for more than 2yrs including this year but at da day before yesterday, I go to doctor n he gave me some medicines…so I apply them till today n it worked! Now some of my pimples reduces n some become smaller…m soo happy now!!! I’ve become da smart looking girl now n nt only that, I feel so freshed…..!

  50. Rosabella

    Sis, wats ur age? If we’re same, then, I can tell u d name of d medicines…but if u’re older than me, then d medicines’ powers’ll be low n it’ll not be effective at all n if u’re younger than me, I’m sure it’ll cause skin irritation to u…..

  51. Beauty Come From Within.

    I see how people are struggling as much as i did, i tryed everything and nothing would work until i developed a cleasing rutine. I wash my face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night with a dermotoligist recremended soap call cethaphil its like five dollas at your local store, after washing your face dry it with a paper towl, because bathing towels have so manydirt patricles which arent good for your face. after that get some ACV (apple cider viniger) put two cap fulls of it in a super small sprits bottle with two caps of filtered or bottled water mix it up and spray onto a cotton ball and it really smells so i recremend you do it at night smells like feet lol, but that should really do the trick, a whole bunch of people sware by that remedie. make sure the cider is ORGANIC. <3

  52. kristen

    hey yall,
    my name is kristen and i have struggled with acne since i was 12 and im going on 17 now and today i made a promise to myself that i will get rid of my acne and my grandmother told me that egg whites would work so i cracked an egg and took the yoke out then beated the egg whites all it did was make my skin soft and not dry at all but when i rinsed it i rinsed it with hot water and then she told me to put tooth paste on my face and remove it every hour and re-apply it. i have dont that 3 times and everytime i do it another small portion of my face is clear. im going to continue to do this for a couple days and will post the results. if you know of any other weird things that might work im willing to try it so just reply.

    1. bella

      Apply your first urine on your face in the mrng for best results, it really works! HOPE IT WORK ON YOU…

      1. Bella

        I have been drinking that till today but it didn’t help much…it just make the pimples darker(sigh!).

        1. Dupcia

          It’s not just about using the products as much as it is as using them 100% proeprly ?Skin ID works wellMake sure you use an acne face washtoner (essential) witch hazeland spot treat all acne with cream. AM and PMBe sure to also do a mask once a weekand take vitamins a e and c and zincand small healthy doses of the sun help acne a lot.

  53. kayleigh

    My acne is annyoing so i tried this 2tbl spoons on bakeing soda and 1 tbl of water mix it and let it sit for two minets then apply it and leave it on foe 10 min iy will be dry but it works do it twice a day

  54. Little-loner

    I am 14, I’ve had acne, bad acne, since I was at least seven. Ever since I got it my face was covered in it, my back was covered in it, my arms, and even my stomach and chest. I’ve tried proactive, clean and clear, and tons more, but none have worked for me. I’m not popular like some of you guys, actually I am very alone and friendless. All I want is clear skin, is that too much to ask for? I’m trying the toothpaste tonight, also I heard nettle tea works, so I’m going to try that. I’ll post my results later. :/

    1. Thera

      Hey Little-loner, i know how you feel (about having no friends and all that) im 14 and i only have 2 really good friends…i used to be real popular but all my friends left me cause i do home-schooling and my mum is really into her faith and the tiniest strict(and i mean it… she’s just a little bit strict) so i am now practicly a loner…AND i have really bad pimples on my back…i cant were anything pretty cause it always shows my back and i ave to were a jacket in summer….so please let me know about how your experiment works:)

    2. Katherine

      Hello, little-lone, m Katherine, don’t lose heart, plse go to doctor…n c it helps or nt, dat’ll be d best result for yr acne…just go there…, n it’ll all be fine, friend.

    3. Ava Jenkins

      besides the acne, i was JUST like you. i had no friends and i was SOOOO shy. It’s gonna be hard, but you have to learn to love yourself flaws and all. first i want you to go to a dermatologist. let them know what all hasn’t worked for you. Be 100% honest with them, because they won’t be able to help you if you’re not. I also want you to try the cinnimon and honey mixture, and then steaming. It may seem like its the end of the world, believe me, i was there. but it will get better. i promise.

    4. Just a friend

      You don’t need to be popular, honestly being popular is overrated. Just be yourself, that’s all anyone can ask you to be. Don’t worry about acne, everyone has it, it’s nothing to be embarssed about. But I hope you do get good results! I wish you the best of luck.

  55. Jade

    For goodness sake honey and cinnamon does work….now i totally look pretty without any pimples on my face :)

    1. Larissa

      I too am having a problem with zits all over my face. I have tried pretty much every thing there is but the honey and cinnamon one seemed to work for me.

  56. Tired of it!

    I have had acne since I was 9 and I’m going to turn 14 this year… I have tried so many things and most recently have tried clean & clear but it seemed to do the opposite of what id hoped I’m using this soap bar from the Johnson and Johnson brand that makes the baby lotions and other stuff and it seems to be working a little better. I have also been trying the toothpaste method and it sometimes works a little but not very much. I am going to try the lemon juice and also the ice methods and see how it works for me..will keep you guys updated on how it works! Thanks for the great tips! :)

  57. just another1

    Hey , im 12 and i have these red and black spots all over my face, especially on the cheeks,forehead and chin.and its getting really annoying!! Its the fourth day of my term 2 break and we only get two weeks for it and i figured that theres still lots of time to treat these freaking pimples of mine before our term 3 starts ( a lot of them became black and it looks really ugly. I read a lot of your comments saying that honey and cinnamon works but the prolem is, i have no honeeyy!!! And my parents are short of cash at the moment and i dont wanna burden them. I dont want to use toothpaste causei tried it once and it really hurts my skin. So i REALLY need your help!! One that cant cause a lot of money and could work. Pleeasee hellpp x((

  58. FLgirl

    I have been reading these posts and I am amazed at the spelling! Some of you teenagers are either lazy or stupid or both. I would be ashamed if you were my students. Do you proofread what you are about to post? Obviously not…no wonder the rest of the free world thinks American children are stupid! Please stop embarassing yourselves. Oh, by the way, good luck with your skin! LOL

      1. Lola

        Drink plenty of water. A quick and smiple way to prevent pimples is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Sweating releases impurities in the body. These impurities can cause breakouts on any part of the body. Drinking water flushes the body and reduces impurities.

      2. Tatjana

        There’s really no such thing as clear and peerfct skin. On the will look really nice. But, really deep down your pores are ALWAYS getting oily and cloged up. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your skin..You’ll have acne for some period of your life then it goes away not too quickly’ll be gone when you’re an adult.

    1. Help

      People don’t care about spelling right now! They just want help, its not like this is a job interview or a spelling bee so bug off unless your actually going to help.

      I use the toothpaste and it works very well, I guess it all depends on your skin type.

  59. Katherine

    Hey buddies, m 12, m really tired of those pimples creeping on my face, m really tired…i have tried many of the steps that i can try but, IT DOESN’T HEELLPP! M so sad…so frenz, plse tell me some steps, lets see it helps to me or not…plse plse plse!

  60. Va

    If u r so amaz wth d spelgs, den u r so outdated, don’t visit dis site if u don’t wana see thos spelgs, just make yourslf blnd, u mother f**ker!


      Umm… I’m 13 and I won my county spelling bee two years ago as a sixth grader. Just because some people don’t suck donkey when it comes to spelling doesn’t mean you can go all batshit crazy on them. I’m obviously not outdated, because you know what’s outdated? Bad spelling. Bad spelling and horrible grammar is for first graders. It’s acceptable until you go into third grade. From there on out, good spelling and grammar are expected of you. You want to make sure you’ll never get a job? I suggest filling out an application with text talk and your horrible spelling. There’s absolutely NO way to get a job like that. And it sounds like YOU have anger issues. Talk to a psychologist or a psychotherapist. You need help.

  61. zara

    omg this is really oissing me off i need somthing tht is actually going to work i have this huge pimple and its not going to get rid of it itself

    1. Bella Thorne

      Try the face wash called ice cleanser. I use it and it is AMAZING!!! My makeup artist recommended it to me and it works! Ekkkkk!!!! And since im a actress I have to use face wash that HAS to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((:

  62. Who cares

    So i have looked up a couple of ways to get rid of acne and two of them hve work great for me so all you people who really need a solution heres one(: so what i do is i get about i table spoon of baking soda and a couple of teaspoons of water and i mix them tell the make a masking substance and i rub it all over my face then i wait like 5 minutes then i take egg whites and rub them on my face with the baking soda and then i wait like 20-30 minutes and it works amazing your face feels really tigt but it REALLY works then just put your mosturizing lotion on and your face feels fresh and new! Hope that helps

      1. Enzo

        put a icecube on your pipmle for 10 min and if its getting cold then take break. i had some on my forehead but i did this icecube thing and it workedd overnight .

  63. riazalli

    heyyy.. i have many pimples on my forehead an face i really want to get rid of them…am using clear zit an it like it not working plzzzz somebody tell me wat to do..

    1. Kat

      THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS AND FOR OLDER WOMAN IT MAKES YOU LOOK YOUNG READ ok so i got this bottle of acne remover from a friend but idk where she got it soo google it but shes looks like shes 20 right? shes 40 years old it works on me and im 12 so it helps me get rid of my pimples o ya its called Eskinol i think

  64. Jazzy

    I’m 12 and I’m crazy about getting my acne of my face forever!!! My school starts in a few weeks! I used to be so pretty and have clear skin now not so much!!! If u have anything that works in 1 or 2 days SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  65. Alex

    hi i am aleave so many pimples in my face and sonn my college is gonna start can some one plz give me tips to get rid of them :(

  66. Jewel

    Guys if you need help put on the tooth paste and then get ice and put that on your face with the toothpaste and if not maybe try steam i will if this doesnt work i dont knoe tho lol

  67. FallingInReverse

    I’ve had acne since about 3rd grade and I’m going into 8th grade this fall. These tips will not make your acne go away but it will help control it. I’ve tried a lot of things so trust me.

    Use bar soap (I use dove) and wash your face with it two times a day. I also use it in the shower as a body wash for my back and chest acne.

    Pepto Bismol (yes, the bubblegum stomach ache medicine). What I do is pour some into the lid and I get a cotton ball and dab it on your face all around and then leave it on for 5 minutes then wash your face with water. The acids help the acne.

    Honey. Wash your face with warm water. Pat dry. Then put the honey all over your face and leave it on for 30 minutes. When your ready to wash it off. Use hot water first and then cold water to close your pores and then pat dry.

    Another one is change your pillowcase once in a while so the oil that was on your face doesen’t come back on your face. If you have bad acne change it every other day. Use one side one night then flip to the other the next.

    I hope these tips help :)

  68. Rosela

    M 12, my face used to be the ego of all d people for d past 2yrs, but now its totally ruined…plse help me!

  69. stephanie

    I never had acne untill the summmer of 2012 , but I just got pimples :’( none of this worked !!! So now I have clean and clear . I hope the pimples go away by the time I’m back in school

    1. KasleyK

      Well try lemon juice and sugar scrub
      Splash your face with hot water to open your pores
      Then then dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and sprinkle sugar on top scrub your face with that ONLY 1 A WEEK then rinse with cold water to close pore after 10 mins worked for me plus go to a dermotist and ask for a cream to control it I have some cream I use from there I used to use for eczema and it keeps my skin acne free
      Hope I Helped!

  70. Jen

    to all the girls on here who are twelve and complaining: good luck. Lol you’re twelve, some of us are 18 and still have acne.

  71. christina

    the toothepaste does work, if you leave it on for 30 min and put alot then it works its the only way. the lemon does not work its kinda stupid if u ask me.

  72. lizzywithacne

    omfg i used to have no acne at all and then when i got to 6th grade i started getting acne and its so embarresing, i always hide my face from public and everyone and i cryed almost everynight cuz i knoe im pretty but my acne ruins it and i fear that i will never get a bf cuz of mah acne!:( everyone has clear and beautiful skin at mah school, and i always ask mah self y did this happen to meh what did i do wrong to have this shame??!!iv tried everything and nothing is working and im going to 7th and i dont want 2 go to school looking like this!!and make-up just makes it worse and looks noticeable,and makes the red pimples purple when putting on make-up!!!!tonight i am going to put on the cinnamon and honey mask, ill tell ya the results tommorow so remember mah name lizzywithacne(not my real name btw)all i have to say is drink alot of water cuz it washes the toxins from ur face and get a good cleanser!!:) also go on a diet and exercise:)p.s people with acne u r never alone and u r always beautiful/handsome <3

  73. lizzywithacne

    hey idk if ya’ll will remeber me from my last update but its meh lizzywithacne again and i tried the paste of honey and cinnamon over night and when i woke up and washed it off it actually cleared up my entire 4head and the reddness and some of the acne was gone some was still there, but now i look better than i did before!!:) the only problem was it was hard to sleep with sticky stuff all over!!:) it got on mah pillow and shirt and when i had a itch i would accindently get it on mah fingers and then i would be to lazy to wash it off!!!but it did the trick 4meh!!:)try it and see if it works 4 u but it really depends on ur skin!!!!:P thanks 4 the help and i might be back sometime to update something more!!!intill next time, bye all u wonderful and beautiful/handsome people!!:) <3

  74. HaLaNi [ha-la-nee]

    Imma try the toothpaste i don’t have that much pimples just a few and they r really annoying but mine is going away all i use is egg whites mixed with honey and squeezed lime or lemon. Then you leve it for 15 min. then after that you rinse it with cold water and then you get boiled water and let the steam set in ur skin for like 5 to 10 min. just make sure you get the entire face. then after that your face will look really glowing wait 3 days then apply after the 3 days my acne is really clearing up though you should try it

  75. katrina

    hi so im 13 and have really bad acne around my nose and by my eyebrows,also i have redness all over my nose idk how to get rid of all so help!!

  76. Madyson

    Ok. So. I am 12 years old and I have acne ALLL over my forhead and my brother is ALWAYS saying to me “Madyson, you need proactive and youR face is like cheese pizza ahahaha!” and it is sooo mean! He says it in front of my friends on the bus and school etc. So I really NEED someone to please tell me how to get rid of the freakin acneeee!!!!!!! CURSE YOU FREAKIN ACNEEEE!!!!! Why me??!?!?! My face used to be soooo clear and smooth but noww YUCK! itss soooo embarisinggg PLEASE HELP ME!!!I also use proactive but its not working i have tried soo many face washes like proactive, netural face, ise cleasner, toothpaste, hot rags, clean and clear, but nuthin works… )):

    Madyson ((: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  77. Madyson

    Okk, so here is continuation….
    So, I tried the ice technique and it did work KINDAAAAA and so now I will be doing that sometimes, buttttt I really would like to know some face washes or techniques that workk for other people with oily skin like meeee, so maybe I could try it out and seeee whatt happens and if it helps! It would be truly appreciated if youu let me know any face washes for oily skinnnn!!!! Thankksss((: (p.s. the (( part on the smiley face stands for double chinnnnnn!!! LOL!!!! i know that was pretty random, but mg its sooooo cuteee!!!!)

  78. Savannaastarlight

    My mom taught me about the toothpaste, which works for any red/swollen skin problems like eczema, hickies, pimples, ect. The toothpaste dries the pimple up, it can’t finish the job itself (and it also helps to have the pimples popped beforehand) because you have to wait for the toothpaste to dry up and then use a facial cleanser after the dried toothpaste is removed and the results of what was a pimple are revealed. Personally, I would use clinique’s facial soap cleanser afterward to remove any excess oil/grease and completely annihilate the pimple.

    Although, what you eat also plays a big part in acne. Chocolate causes me to break-out. And stress and hormones also affect zits, so stay emotionally in-tune. That should help. :)

    But, although pimples aren’t a big deal for me, I’ve been getting pimples that are cystic on my chin whenever my period rolls around. It’s much more painful and extreme than pimples and I have scars from previous ones. Does anyone has any advice for this please?

    Oh! And p.s: beeswax also helps get rid of pimples and leaves skin super soft! I have a jar at home called “Gorgon Salve” or was it “Jordan”? Well, either way it works. Good luck guys and ladies. :)

  79. salvatoreforlinedp

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  80. popcorn

    hi, im about to be in the seventh grade in two week and i need to get rid of my acne before that Tuesday comes n i had acne sine i was in the fifth grade and 1 yrs. old pls help dont want to go back with acne

  81. manasvi

    i m reading all this 4 my husband. i never had pimples in my life, acc. 2 me, washing face again n again with water, drinking lots of water,separate towel 4 ur face, avoiding oily n fried eatables,appling multani mitti, scrub once in week, eat only homemade dishes, take a swear not 2 touch pimples, eat fibers,milk, salad, pulses,bitter guard.

  82. Rubert

    Hey there! Great post on this topic. I also heard that strawberries makes a good mask. Honey works good too. Let me know when you update your page.

  83. Abby

    Hey i have this lil zit on my face and i fill like it will never go away!i try toothpaste that works lil bit but i will try this new homemade zit free face cream. You have to have 3 cotton balls,warm water, salt. you take you cottonball and you put it in the warm water and salt soak it out then put it on you zit/pimples for 30-60 seconds then you take the 2 cotton balls left and wash up the arean to make should it dose not spread. hope it works for you. ps make sure your face is clear before doing it.

  84. kim

    The best toothpaste that truly works is crest atiplaque! It is a white paste and doesnt have gel in it. If you wash your face and apply to problem areas before you go to bed they will be almost gone by morning If you repeat this for two days it will be completely gone. Crest is the only toothpaste that has worked and i have tried several different ones!

    The other product that i have found to work wonders is Acne Free! It is basically the same as proactive but stronger and way cheaper you can find it at your local Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, ect…. Unlike normal acne treatments made with silic acid it is made with benzoil peroxide…

    Benzoil peroxide is the only treatment that works for my oily skin!

    PanOxyl is also an amazing product with benzoil peroxide the only place i have found this product however is Walgreens.

    Hope this helps i fight this battle constantly and have been to the dermotologist for years nothing she has ever given me has worked like these things do for me!

  85. Emma

    HI, okay so I’m 14 and last night I got this huge pimple on my chin. So I read that you should put ice on it. That brought it down. But then I read to mix nutmeg and milk and dip you zit in it. So i did that and it helped A LOT. after that I put ice on it again and then did the honey and cinnamon and that majorly helped!!!!! Its almost gone now but try the ice and nutmeg and milk, and honet and cinnamon!! <3

  86. Anonymous

    Haii guyss(: Im 12 and i what i do is put an egg white in a bowl and mix it till its “frothy.” Then you add about 3 or 4 drops of the lemon juice that comes in the cute little lemon. Then you gently put it on your face using as many cottan balls as neccesary. I leave it on overnight and when i get in the shower in the morning it washes off right away. When i fist started using it i had HORRIBLE skin, and now its clear(: Just like the people on the proactive commercials! :D

  87. Tiffany.

    ok , steam the pimple or wet a cotton ball with burning hot water and put it on the pimple , then put lots pf peroxide and soap on it. after that scrub it (if u dont have a scrub use honey and sugar) then put ice on it after scrubbing it ,and then put WHITE TOOTHPASTE on yurpimple. in the morning it shud be gone, or at least less visible. – bye.

  88. enid

    i’m enid i have such ugly and huge look horrid and ugly tonight i’m going to try
    stream.toothpastr didn’t works.

  89. Wishsomethingworked

    Hey guys I was desperate and put aloe and ice for like ten mins before i had to go somewhere and it worked– once. When I tried it again it barely did anything. I just put toothpaste on and I barely saw a difference. Tomorrow night I’m going to try the honey mask and I’ll post the results!! :)

  90. Kassey

    I’m only 13 n that happens around that age I’ve use the lemon juice for 3 days……… It says you’ll see the difference in a week but school starts soon n I look ugly……. I want something that will work in at least 4-5 days

  91. simi

    hey guys i had acne on my forehead and chicks and i want to go to a date after 3 days i cant efford expensive medicines can you plz tell me any best home remedy which will work fast
    help help me its very urgent

  92. Sarah

    I’m friekin 11 and already getting acne does it ever go away in life.
    This boy i fancy him and his worst nightmare is
    pimples and spots and the thing is i’m cursed with the little blighters >:(
    which one is the best???
    btw my skin is quite oily

  93. shreya

    I get lot of pimples on my face and after lot of trial and error i found perfect solution. I use black pepper powdered and just wet with some water to make a paste and apply over pimple. If you keep it 3-4 hours for 2 days it will be gone. It doesnt work on acne scars and i m still hunting for perfect home remedy for that.

  94. Bel

    Okai, really?! Right before school starts (Tuesday 4th) I get 7 zits on my forehead! I put ice on my forehead and washed my face right after. Right now my face feels tight but I’ll see what happens when I wake up tomorrow. I need to get rid of them in one night! Help! Yeah, I know I’m only 12 and worried about acne but once it starts, it’s hard to get rid of!

  95. sanjana

    heyy m 17 yrs old gal.I have these very small pimples on my forehead and cheeks.Can you guys plzz tell me a suitable remedy?Itz not those red coloured acne but just small pimples.So plzzzzzzzzzzzz help :)

  96. bran

    I’m 15 and I burly have had acne for a year my face was clear and nice now I have some but their like really noticable:/ god I fucking hate puberty who knows some remedies that’ll work with no side affects?

  97. Janie

    Hey everyone! I am 15. I have always had perfect skin but recently I really broke out. I pop my pimples ALOT and stuff. I have pale, dry/sensitive skin.

    about 4 months ago a had a breakout and was desperate to get rid of it. I tried to invent my own face scrub, so I did the following recipe. I did it at night, and when I woke up in the morning my skin was flawless. Not saying it will be for you, but this helps get rid of painful under-the-skin forehead pimples and even big zits. try it! you may be surprised!!

    step 1: boil water in a pot. take the lid off and hold your face a safe distance above the water for 3-4 minutes.

    step 2: In a clean bowl, mix 1 and a fourth cup ground coffee and one tablespoon olive oil. then add warm water to the mixture until all the coffee is sitting in the warm water. let the mixture sit for 30 seconds before use.

    step 3: wet face with lukewarm water. little by little, exfoliate your face with the mixture. try scrubbing a little harder on large zits or pimples. after entire face has been treated, let sit for 2 minutes. then wash off with warm water.

    step 4: after rinsing the mixture off with warm water in step 3, splash your face with cold water. then apply an oil-free FACE moisturizer.


  98. Niharika

    Hi All,

    I have tried everything starting from
    Ice Cube
    Lemon Juice
    Sandal Wood Powder..

    If some one has any other remedy for pimple, kindly share with me

  99. sarah

    steam works
    gonna try the ice cube
    toothpaste not really , might work for others depending on the person and brand
    a good face scrub will clean the oilyness away
    there used to be a cream that worked wonders , after an hour my pimples would vanish but they stopped making em :( stupid market brands changing products every 6 months

  100. Kakaji

    BEST WAY … in 15 mins..

    The best way to remove pimples in less than 15 mins is… to use the special gel. which can be extracted after masterbations. it sounds funny .. but is the only n best solution

  101. M.V

    I am 11 years old and I have acne all over my face my doctor said that acne is not bad but to me it is.Acne is all over my forhead,on my nose,and on my chin. Does anyone know a teqnique that actually works?!

  102. KAYLA

    Clean your face. Take a hot wash cloth, hold to the spot or your entire face for 10 minutes. put witch hazel or tea tree oil or hydrocortizone on it to help with redness and swelling. in the morning the spot should be significantly reduced or gone(:

    1. Emily

      to get rid or acne/pimples squeeze a little lemon juice, tear off a napkin or paper towel or some thing and dip it in the juice. then put the piece on your face and leave it overnight.

  103. Rinni

    So basically, everyone! don’t hide pimples with hair, the hair has GREASE!!!!!! don’t put your hands on your face ever either, your hands are dirty! shower EVERYDAY BEFORE WORK/SCHOOL! don’t wear oily conclear! dont eat candy or carbs alot! eat veggies and meat!!!!! TRY the ice it works!

  104. NewYork

    Eat healthy and wash your faces, rather than eating shit all day and wondering why you have pimples. I understand some people are more prone to pimples than others, but taking care of your body to begin with can prevent MOST people from pimple troubles. Society is too focused on “quick fixes” and “miracle cures” instead of getting to the root of the problem. For those who have bad acne, try asking your doctor. Also dont quit using acne medication after 2-3 weeks just because you dont see results right away, that shit takes time to work. Furthermore, do you people realize how pathetic and unattractive poor grammar is? I dont know how many girls I have turned down because they abbreviate everything or have poor grammar. Very unattractive. Id rather date someone with a couple pimples than someone who cant spell.

  105. Adrianna

    I’m trying the lemon juice tonight. I hope it works ’cause I have this huge people on the side of my nose and it makes me look like a witch. Besides, it’s only the BEGINNING of october.

  106. Cass

    Hey there I have pimples here and there but not horrible what I do when ever I have horrible acne I put ice all over the infected area and then wash my face with cetaphil face wash in the bar and then drink a bottle of water and in the morning boom there gone or smaller. Try it hopefully it works. Btw im a teen.

  107. whitney

    i only have pimples and acne scars on my chin and need to clear them up i hide my face all the time because its embarrasing i have tried so many things and they dont work some one help me before i want to burn my face off :(

  108. Annabelle

    hey i m 14 and i hv nvr had acne b4 but i have jst got some pimples on my nose and some on cheeks and forehead…….can some1 plz help coz i hate themmmmmm………………..:(

  109. Someone

    Okay for all of you guys pimples can get caused by stress and oily skin by not washing it you wash it everyday at least twice once in the morning and once at night with dove it works otherwise just use the ice cubes (: an if your 12 and 11 don’t worry much

  110. ginger

    Make an apirin and water paste. Put it directly on the affected area and leave it for 30 minutes and rinse. Be careful as it is very drying

  111. Calvin

    These steps work for me and clear up my face a great deal. I am 14 years old. My face is oily. I warn you that some of these steps may dry out your face a little bit if your face is naturally dry. But for me, slightly dry skin is no big deal. Just for your knowledge, mosturizing your face helps acne thrive.
    -Here are some useful steps:
    1) pop your pimples that pus up, realy lightly, with a needle (suck it up). To do this right, lay the needle almost paralell to your face and be very gentle. This is quite gross, but squeeze as much pus out as you can with your fingers, gently. Be honest; do you realy want pus filled pimples on your face? Plus they will fall off your face in step #2 anyways.
    2) exfloiate your face good and hard for a few minutes. (I use step #1 to my proactive treatment. If you have an exfoliating cleanser that is part of a multi step treatment, use it)
    3) ice the pimples or blemishes on your face for about 10 minutes, switching spots every 20 seconds or so.
    4) mix baking soda with water and apply to your face. Make this paste more gritty than watery. Wait about 10 minutes or so until it has completely dried, then rub it off of your face in an exfoliating motion.
    5) rinse the remaining paste off your face with warm water. Make sure to get it all off. Your face will feel tight, which is a good thing. Dry your face completely.
    6) step 6 is optional. Rub a small amount of hydrogen peroxide over your face.
    7) put your usual acne treatment medication on. These are the medications i use in order:
    -clearasil ultra rapid action pads
    -step #2 of the three step proactive treatment
    -step #3 of the three step proactive treatment
    -my dr. perscribed tretinoin cream
    -sometimes I put colgate whitening toothpaste on
    realy big ones, which always helps dy them out.
    **** you do not have to use all of these specific
    medications, i just find that these ones help,
    use whatever has been working for you. If you
    have other steps of your multi step treatment
    left, besides the cleanser, use them where i use

    I do these steps nightly. It all takes about a half hour. All of these steps help me so much and i am confident they will work for you too.

  112. Dania

    I strongly suggest you try honey and cinnamon. It really do great on skin without drying it. I actually just have mild acne, not really noticeable especially when I covered it with concealer or even just a powder but sometimes I had small bumps on my cheeks and forehead and it really sucks especially when I have an appointment the next day.
    This is my routine whenever I have small bumps.
    - First, I do steaming. Followed by ice cubes. Put that on the spot you have pimples or bumps leave it for about a minute or two or not longer than that.
    - Then prepare a mixture of honey and cinnamon. 1 1/2 teaspoon of honey and 1 or 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and make a paste. Be sure that your face is clean before putting that. Leave it overnight and the next morning when you wake up you’ll see great results.
    - or I just wanna remind everybody that its always best to medicate inside. Take Vitamin C and E everyday for better results as this helps in healing, enough sleep,exercise and water will always be the best routine.
    Hope this helps :) ) Goodluck.

  113. MaryJane

    Getting rid of acne is not a quick fix, it takes time, patience and persistance. Getting rid of acne is a lifestyle choice and there are certain things you must change, in order to make the acne subside.
    1. Drink LOTS of water! Try to stay away from sugary drinks like juices and sodas.
    2. Drink green tea, the hot kind that you brew, twice a day. The antioxidants are awesome!
    3. Don’t use liquid foundations and cream concealers, they make the acne worse. A mineral foundation is the best choice.
    4. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, follow with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide treatment, and ALWAYS MOISTURIZE with an oil free moisturizer. Healthy skin is moist and supple.
    5. Take a daily multivitamin.
    6. Eat fruits and vegetables, they contain lots of acne fighting ingridients.
    7. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist, they can help!

  114. ChrisRaj

    Using Red Sandal really works on preventing skin from blackening,pimples,acne and all skin problems….try it….

  115. Ashutosh

    I’ve scratched alot of my pimples on my face leaving behind scars and they’re huge… what should I do?? and i have some pimple also on face

  116. Veronica

    Another simple way is take hot water pour it into a large bowl then put your face near the water so the steam could clear out your oil and dirt and DON’T PUT YOUR FACE IN THE HOT WATER ????

  117. Aj

    heLLo GurLs And Guys Haha . . i’m PreTTy Sure You Wish To Have Soft And Good Looking Free Acnes SKin So I’m Here to Help . . sI’m A boi 16 Yrs Old suffering from Acne , Pimples , blackheads, and whiteheads Before , But Yes Just Use My simple Trick to get Rid Of Those Things . . . i just Found Solution For All Of our Problems Yeah Easy and low Cost or I Might Say You don’t have To Use your Moneys . I’m just Drinking Alot Of Water. . lets Say 15 Glasses A Day. vegetable Helps :) Too I Use To Eat Tomato Every Day . and Have Excirse . . thats It Haha

  118. idcx

    ok i had spots and stuf for ages and i found somfin day realy workd steam your face for 3 mins then leave a clean towel over it so no dirt gets in for about 2 mins then just drink WATER

  119. Kat

    I usually have very good skin that’s smooth, clear and not oily. However, over the weekend, I suddenly got this massive zit on the top of my nose! It was right in the middle too! It was perfectly round and bright red, so obviously I was super embarrassed. So I took an aspirin pill, crushed it with a few drops of water until it formed a paste, and applied it to the zit. I covered it with a bandaid and left in overnight. Next day, the zit was reduced a lot.

  120. Simba

    I mixed lavender oil, olive oil, and honey, reapplying a second layer once the first one dried, and left that on for a few hours. When I washed it off my face was much smoother and the acne wounds have seemed to have gone down quite a bit.

  121. shade

    hey guyz i hav suffered 4m srs acne nd now i got rid of it alk..softly brush ur affected areas wid papaya peel bcmes soft nd smooth ..

  122. khushi

    ho really it works my skin is now pimple free and also by using honey and cinnomon on 1st day and lemon juice in 2nd day thanks

  123. Alex Howard

    I am going through puberty and I have acne all over my face! I still go to school and I’m in 5th grade and everyone makes fun of me.. So I was wondering if there was a fast quick and easy way I could get rid of my acne so none would make fun of me any more! So if you have any ideas can you comment on this website so I can see them.. Also just to tell the person who made this people with acne don’t like the word pimples like me!

  124. Kaiya

    How would you make the paste for the honey and cinnamon method. Would you just mix the two together? And how to prevent it from getting everywhere

  125. Ariana

    I have a pimple right in between my eye brows and it looks like I have a third eye… I have picture day in like two days and I have been washing my face with Dove (TM) soap and it hasn’t been doing much. :( I am going to try the steam method tonight and the toothpaste method.I’ll check up on you guys later to say the results. :)

  126. freda

    What the heck is wit this site? Everyone. Just says what do I do… help… but there are no replys! Stop stressing ismyreply! STRESS =ZITS! equals more stress. Who cares . If you just have confidence others will see it ans see your true beauty. Confidence and less stress kill zits. Not honey yogurt and whatever other craziness pplsaid. Mucho love y’all. GOod Luck :)

  127. nikita

    Dont use toothpaste guys….a friend of mine applied it on her acne before going to sleep..and in the morning it left a hideous scar on her face…use tea tree will work for sure…

  128. Liv

    Ok, so I’m 11 and I hav fairly bad acne. My skin is VERY sensitive. I use noxzema twice a day. I know wat yr thinking, what the heck is noxzema!?!? Well it is a face wash that you can get at target or Walmart. At nite after I wash my face i put on drying crem called zap it (right now I’m out and using this other drying cream I found in our medison cabinet doesn’t workas well) you can get this at Walgreens. TOOTH PASTE DOES NOT WORK!!!

  129. It works

    Try putting a dad of perfume on it before u go to bed it really works and dries them out then apply honey and cinnamon to it before bed and the two together really work and then make a coffee scrub to use on ur back in the shower. Here’s what is in the coffee scrub
    -olive oil-coffee grounds-sugar the coffee grounds can be used or they can be just brand new

  130. Brittany

    I have had pimples,but not too bad. But lately ive been getting them on my chest and cant wear ANY shirts I want too! Any help?

  131. Angelica

    Oh my gosh someone help me!!! I’m going to start high school and I had this break out of many horrible pimples, heaps on my forehead and like 4 on my chin! Which remedy works???

  132. Jenn

    I did the dab of honey over night and it ripped my skin off my chin. It pretty much looks like I have a burn on my chin. I am actually going to the doctor today because it may be infected. I would not recommend the honey trick.

  133. Kat

    im a sixth grader and i got bangs to cover my forehead but now i gto some zits on my chin! what do i do? i need something fast and free or else ill be to lazy to do it and food stuff and toothe past ill lick al that of in my sleep probly :( and its so embarresin and i play flute and it kinda hurts to set it on this giant pimple on my chin grr help me please?

  134. Helpme!!

    I really can’t stand my acne anymore!!! I never had it untill I was 16 and it’s been making me go crazy! It makes me so depressed that I just don’t want even anyone to look at me, and when they do I feel so embarassed and disghusting… I’ve tried using toothpaste and baking soda and a few other things but they absolutely do not work!! I drink lots of water but it doesn’t seem to help either. Does anyone have any advice?? Anything would be great because I just feel so emotionally drained from it…

  135. Lynn

    I did the ice cube at night. I was really desperate for this giant pimple on my chin to go away so I geld the ice cube on it until the ice cube was totally gone. Like I said, desperate!!! Haha The next morning the swelling had gone down! It’s a lot smaller than it was and it looks fine with some makeup on! :) Thanks for the tip!

  136. Shae

    hey yaw I’m 14 years old and I have really oily skin I’m using Neutragena oil- free acne wash it’s working but not that much. I also have pimples all over my face and I hate it all of my friends point it out all the time so tonight I’m gonna try using lemon juice hopefully it works:-)

    1. Shae

      so this is Shae again last night I put lemon juice all over my face then dabbed a little water on my face. afterwards I put the Neutragena on and kept doing that pattern about 5 Times. I also let it stay on my face overnight. but wen I just woke up almost all of my pimples are gone:-) <3

  137. Logan

    I’m 15 years old & I am in high school it’s hard walking around with acne. My acne is bad to me I just have it on my cheeks & some dark marks mixed in there. I am a really pretty girl & still have all the dudes fall out over me but I’m just not confident in myself at all. My family always says things about my skin & it hurts my feelings because I can’t do anything about it. I think it makes me ugly & I really wanna get rid of it so I’m going to try this ice & come back & tell you what it did for me.

  138. who gives..

    who gives 2 shits if you have zits? even after you get rid of them, you’ll find another useless thing to complain about. There are alot of things you can do that can make a difference, but obviously beauty is all you conformist, retarded, and himpnotized bitches give 2 shits about. seriously? that boy?girl your doing this for, if they are bacing everything on looks, they’re just conformist dick faces like you people. instead of worrying about your ”perfect you” that you’ll never have, get a fucking education. There are people dying of hunger and all you fucking 11 year olds give 2 shits about is your precious looks. GET A FUCKING LIFE im 14, and i know im not perfect, but i see that our generation is turning to shit. So get that pink, bedazzled dildo out of your perfectly bleached assholes, and open your fucking EYES.PEACE.

  139. helen

    I use epiduo and it really works you wash your face with cetaphil first and then you apply a pea sized amount of the epiduo 2 your face and you won’t see results right after but after about 2 weeks you will see results Ask your doctor they will give you a starter kit and a coupon cause it is really expensive but it is the most affective treatment I ha e ever used

  140. I hate pimples!!!

    I have tried many top brands like clearasil, clean and clear and even simple spot zapper, for me nothing seems to work. I do pop them because to me just having a red lump looks better than have a huge pimple with yellow pus looking like it’s about to explode. I wash my face and use exfoliation wash I also have the liquid cleaner then I have the cream I use all of them and nothing seems to work I have tried everything and I really am fed up esecially with school strating again soon. I know it makes them worse but I have to make up where ever I go because I am too embarrassed I just want them to go!! any Ideas ??x

  141. ninja girl__

    The egg whites really does help! Not quite as much deleting the zit. But taking out all the redness and or puffyness.after a few uses they do start going away.:)also what I do is in the summer spend a decent time OUTSIDE! The sun dries them out and they go away after one day!

  142. Someone

    I have like 6 days before swimming starts and I really want my acne to be gone before my swim meet. HELP. Which one actually works io

  143. kassi

    im 12…ive tried everythin n NT works for me….. I don’t have alot but I have like 3 big,red,noticeable pples on my head n nose…plz help…

    1. Lillee May

      This way is slow but helps….okay first u wash face with warm water and the u get a small cup of milk and a cotton pad and u cover the cotton pad in milk and rub onto your face and keep on doing this till all the milk is gone once you r done wash face with cold water also for better and faster results add honey 2 mixture :-) hope it works

  144. kassi

    I would like to know y would u put lavender oil on ur face but the whole purpose of pimples r mostly bcuz ur face is very oily???

  145. Lillee May

    Hey guys I’m 12 and I get really bad acne plus there I this really mean girl at my dance studio who is always making me awful she says my face is sooo ugly and I get upset so how can I get rid of my acne fast :) plzzzz help

  146. psloomcrazy

    hey everyone! i went for a face clean-up 4 days back…n since then i m getting pimples everyday though i hav a normal skin..plz help me to stop this sudden skin break out n plz suggest some really effective home remedies! :(

  147. Laura

    the best decision i have ever made was buying tea tree oil! u dab a bit on ur cotton wool bud and cover pimply area (so ur face is kinda wet-ish) and then go to sleep with it on (this way it will absorb into ur skin) .. if u put it on during the day:
    1. might smell strong
    2. might rub off
    3. the oils/sweat that are produced on ur face during the day will collide with the tea tree oil, and prevent it from working

    i swear to u .. so many people wanna know how to get rid of them .. and who the hell wants to rub eggs, lemon juice, coffee, brown sugar & strawberries, etc on their face!

    This takes like 30 secs to complete .. and is not messy .. and best of all .. it gives moisturizes ur face, and u probably dont even need to worry about moisturizing later :)

    And i have fairly oily skin .. so in the morning my face might be a little oily .. so i suggest that u gently rinse ur face with water and then towel dry ur face.

    THAT EASY :) and ur probably reading millions of comments thinking “which one should i choose?” .. and no one would probably even see this post .. but if u are reading this … please … dont waste ur time using home remedies that people say work .. coz they dont (believe me *from experience*)

    So i wish u best of luck guys :) Please use this cheap (definately under $10) product .. that u can buy ANYWHERE! – in a chemist, target, basically any shop that sells products .. and it doesnt matter what brand u get :) there all the same :) xx

  148. Sweet*lil*Bumble*bee

    I have tried the tooth paste thing and it totally doesnt work, i stared to make my zit disappear but then it left this red splochy patch and the zit waz still there. so i recommend not using it. If ur lookin for somthing that work and is fast just try the ice thing and the baking powder water paste. they really helped ;p if any 1 knowz any better wayz plz let me no.

  149. Aastha

    Which toothpaste should i use help i have a date eith my bf help me fast i want to get rid of pimples in 1 week help pplzzzzz.


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