Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits

As the name itself suggests, Himalayan salts are obtained from mines that are rich in crystal salt which are located on Himalayas foothills. The color of this salt may range from white to deep red based on the iron and mineral levels. Himalayan pink salt is rich in minerals compared to ordinary table salt that contains more than 84 kinds which include magnesium, calcium and potassium. This salt is considered as the purest form of salt on Earth. It is mined from sea salt deposits from ancient sea beds and it does not contain any pollutants and chemicals that are present in today’s sea salt. As it is the purest form of salt, Himalayan pink salt benefits are discussed in the below lines.

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:

Following are some of the Himalayan pink salt benefits:

  • Himalayan salt maintains optimum levels of water in the body that is very essential for proper functioning of several processes and organs.
  • Each cell needs a specific level of pH to perform their functions. This salt aids in maintaining optimum pH levels, particularly in brain cells.
  • It slows down the process of aging and thus aids in leading a healthy life and also to stay active for long periods.
  • It aids in digestion and also facilitates better nutrient absorption by intestine walls.
  • This salt efficiently contributes to the homeostasis in body. This helps in maintaining the amounts of chemicals and electrolytes useful to perform several biological functions.
  • Himalayan pink salt enhances functions of respiratory system and also treats sinus problems by promoting health.
  • It doesn’t create much load on the body. This is useful for people with hypertension. It also regulates blood pressure.
  • Calcium in Himalayan salt strengthens bones. It also reduces the risks of gout, rheumatism and arthritis.
  • People who consume Himalayan salt are at a lower risk of developing gall bladder or kidney stones, compared to common table salt.
  • The mineral repository of Himalayan pink salt also promotes healthy patterns of sleeping, decreases muscle cramps, keeps optimum levels of blood sugar, develops healthy libido and enhances the health of vascular system.

The above discussed Himalayan pink salt benefits may help you in using it for promoting health benefits.

12 thoughts on “Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits

    1. Madona


      Madona here. I was reading your post, and I can tell you my testimony from using the pink Himalayan salts for only one week. My blood pressure was higher than it should be for many years but I didnt know how to regulate it, and never took any medication. It was usually 156 over 90 and my pulse was usually 110 at all times. I didnt do anything about it, except that i have always had a very healthy diet and never added any salt to my food and even exercise on a regular basis. Out of curiosity, recently i looked on the internet to see if table salt was the best salt for my mom who battles high blood sugar and I ran across the pink Himalayn salts. You can purchase them at trader Joes for 1.99. In one week my blood pressure went down to 114 over 75, and my pulse is down to 75 from 110. Im sold on the salt. So just to let you know it works wonders in Jesus name. Enjoy. God Bless you.

    1. Payson

      During that year 30 of the 96 glaciers gaeind in mass. Er, a third are growing’! There you go, picture is never black and white is it? Any unbiased glaciologist will aver, that there are manifold reasons for glacial retreat, precipitation is a major factor. It is true that in the Alpine region, many glaciers have retreated but then we are on the rebound, coming out of the LIA, therefore how can anyone be surprised by the retreat of the ice? In Patagonia, some glaciers are retreating whilst others are re-filling valleys and the picture is mixed in the Himalayas, one should look to soot, monsoonal variability and lower slope deforestation changing rainfall patterns, if we are to discern the reasons for glacial retreat in the World’s highest mountain range. Lastly, to say that retreat of glaciers will cause disruption to water supply is missing the point surely, it is weather patterns which should be studied as the primary factor, ie, calculating and calibrating to understand if there is less precipitation in the form of rain or snow and thus, glacial melt [for whatever reason] is a red herring. Attempting to conflate a myriad of physical effects, dressing it up as AGW’ and then saying people will not have enough water is not only unscientific. It is a deliberate misleading conclusion drawn to goad local populations into blaming the chimera of AGW, instead of other local and regional variability of climate factors. A mendacity typical of the green lunatic mainstream of the IPCC authorship.Next, glaciers move uphill?

    1. Jeanie

      Hi Richard,
      Is it possible that combined with the other minerals and because we have such small amounts of this salt at a time, that it isnt in fact harmful to humans?

    2. Richard Cranium

      here is natural fluoride and chemically added fluoride such as what is added to toothpaste in a concentrated form. Naturally occurring fluoride has a complex whole food structure, is bound with many other naturally occurring minerals and will not in most cases cause any problems. Many natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs, contain fluoride and there are no problems caused by it. It is not the same with the isolated fluoride such as the one added to drinking water.

    3. shaun

      Himalayan crystal, salt contains 231 mg fluoride per kg of salt. Far too high to be safe for human consumption WHERE HAVE YOU LEARNED THIS RUBBISH YOU TALKING ABOUT


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