Home Remedies for Burns

Minor burns can be treated at home, but if your burn is very severe, go to a doctor. blow are a few remedies for treating minor burns at home.

Home Remedies for Burns:

  1. The first thing you should do in case of a minor burn, is apply lots of cold water to the burn for 20-25 minutes. Don’t put ice on the burn, because some burns can only tolerate cold water.
  2. Put honey all over the burn after applying cold water. Keep it on for several minutes. The honey will prevent any infection and heal the burns faster.
  3. Peel a potato and place a small slice on the burn. The potato absorbs the heat and makes the blister disappear.
  4. Lavender Essential Oil is also very good for burns. If your skin becomes extremely red, and there are blisters, apply some lavender oil on the burn. It will soothe the pain, and the blisters will disappear.
  5. The egg whites are also very good for burns, even severe ones. Coat the affected area with egg white. When the egg white dries, re-apply it. This will remove the pain and pevent scarring.
  6. Papaya is also good for applying to the burns.
  7. Aloe Vera is also an effective remedy for burns. Take some some fresh aloe Vera and put it on the burnt area. Aloe works like a charm.
  8. Soak the burn in cold milk right away. Or else, dip a cloth in cold milk and apply it on the burn. The stinging sensation will be gone.
  9. Once your wound starts healing, take a vitamin E capsule, break it and pour the contents on the burns. This will prevent scarring.
  10. If you live in States, you can buy a green tin of “BIG BALM” that you get in most wal-marts’ pet section. It heals and soothes the pain. It costs around $6.00.

One thought on “Home Remedies for Burns

  1. januaryice08

    As soon as you burn yourself, as long as it is not too severe, immediately put it under hot water, as hot as you can stand for about 1 to 2 minutes. – The hot water takes away the heat of the burn. Then take a plain black tea bag and soak the burn for 30min – the tannic acid works wonders. Then use a real Aloe Vera leaf from the back yard and place the gel all over the burn – place it in the freezer first to get it cold. Ive also used Apple Cidar Vinegar – it works but stinks!!!


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