Diet for Jaundice

Fruits for Jaundice

A good diet is essential to control and cure jaundice. In this article, we reveal useful tips to help you adopt the best diet for jaundice.

Foods to Avoid

Jaundice patients should avoid salt, spicy food, oil, non-vegetarian food, fried items and pickle.

Fruits in Diet for Jaundice

Include fruits such as pears, lime, grapes and apples, and also sugarcane juice in your diet. Avoid banana since it can disturb liver activity. Drink plenty of fruit juice and eat fresh fruit salads to get benefits.


Exclude potatoes and tomatoes from your diet. Eat simple boiled vegetables like brinjal, pumpkin, cabbage, carrot and beans. Add a little bit of pepper and salt to add taste.

Other Beneficial Foods

Curd rice is one of the best foods for jaundice condition. Rice cakes are good too. Avoid all kinds of flour except rice flour. Wheat items should also be avoided.

More Tips on Diet for Jaundice

Your diet should be low in protein and rich in carbohydrates. Try to consume only juice and water for a week to eliminate toxins from the blood. This is essential to replace electrolytes lost during vomiting caused by jaundice. Once you overcome vomiting and nausea, you can gradually start taking solid food.

Avoid Fats

Avoid foods containing animal proteins or fat. Butter and cream which are rich in fat should therefore be avoided. Vegetable proteins like soy are beneficial. Also, proteins from vegetables are essential to maintain health.

Small Meals

Instead of three regular big meals each day, eat five smaller meals to prevent vomiting and provide rest to your digestive organs.

Yogurt is Good

Probiotics or good bacteria found in yogurt can help to speed up the recovery process in jaundice patients.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol should be completely removed from your diet for jaundice. This is essential especially if you suffer from liver damage.

3 thoughts on “Diet for Jaundice

  1. Kunnal

    Hi (I had been a patient of Jaundice till recently)

    Though the information you’ve provided is useful indeed, but you are contradicting yourself by asking to consume white meat and then suggesting to avoid non-vegetarian food.

    Also, I think potatoes are equally beneficial in the recommended diet for recovery as they are a rich Carb. source which is a necessary part of the diet during Jaundice.


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