Eat 5 Different Colored Fruits and Vegetables Everyday

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US suggests eating 5 different colored fruits and vegetables. Diets having them are known to be rich in immunity boosting nutrients. They help to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. More and more research findings indicate that more the color you incorporate in your diet, the better are the chances that you are consuming more nutrients.

Benefits from 5 Different Colored Fruits and Vegetables

  • Red:

    Red ones like tomatoes, papaya, grape fruit, water melon and beet roots are known have an antioxidant called Lycopene. Lycopene is known to have cancer fighting properties and can prevent heart disease.

  • Green:

    Greens like broccoli, spinach, kale, water cress are rich in iron and can help in anemia. Besides, they are also known to be rich in phytochemicals, fiber, minerals and vitamins (folate) which can aid in weight loss. Cabbage, brussel sprouts, turnips, kale are also believed to fight cancer causing environmental toxins. The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin found in spinach can help correct vision deficiencies.

  • Orange/Yellow:

    Orange ones like sweet potato, clementines, apricots, carrots and mangoes are known to be rich in beta carotene. This antioxidant helps in boosting the immune system. The orange group also has a rich Vitamin C content which is extremely essential for skin health and beauty apart from fighting infections. Folate, the B vitamin found in them is also known to prevent congenital defects and heart diseases. Yellows like pineapple are rich in vitamin C, manganese and the enzyme bromelain which can help fix a faulty digestion. Apart from being high in fiber and antioxidants, they also help to give your plate a good look.

  • Blue and Purple:

    Blue and purples like egg plant, prunes, purple cabbage contain health enhancing flavonoids, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Anthocyanin is a phytochemical especially found in blue vegetables is particularly beneficial in fighting carcinogens. A handful of blueberries which are high in fiber, potassium, folic acid and vitamin C can be the a healthy choice for a quick snack.

  • White:

    White vegetables and fruits like onion, garlic, chives, scallion, leeks, grapes are known to contain a phytochemical allicin. Allicin can help control cholesterol and blood pressure and help fight infections. Indoles and sulfaphoraphanes found in cauliflower can inhibit cancer causing free radicals in the body. Polyphenols in pears and grapes can also do their bit in preventing cancer.

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