Treat Walking Pneumonia at Home

Walking pneumonia is also referred to as atypical pneumonia. This is a condition where a person suffering from walking pneumonia doesn’t have to be hospitalized or bedridden. In contrary to normal pneumonia, a person with walking pneumonia can move around even though he is suffering from this condition. It is believed that nearly 2 million Americans suffer from this condition yearly and nearly 70 – 75% of them are children between the age group of 5 – 16 years. There are some home treatments for walking pneumonia apart from clinical treatments. Scroll down to read more about walking pneumonia home remedies.

How to Treat Walking Pneumonia at Home?

There are several antibiotics for treating walking pneumonia which are used conventionally. Even natural cures work similarly without producing any adverse effects. Here are home treatments for walking pneumonia, which are found in household and which also give positive effects.

  • The best and effective home remedy to treat walking pneumonia is ginger juice and honey. Take one tablespoon each of ginger juice and honey and have it. This remedy must be followed twice or thrice a day. This aids in destroying bacterial infection in respiratory tract and lungs.
  • Prepare a tonic from linseeds, honey, table salt and sesame seeds and take it at regular intervals. Take a saucepan and boil two cups of water in it. Now let sesame seeds to steep in it. Now add salt, linseed and honey when the water is still boiling. This helps to clear the mucus from bronchial tubes.
  • Another best herbal remedy is to use spices such as black pepper, garlic, chili powder and ginger. Make a paste with these spices or add them in concoctions and apply it on the chest directly to clear respiratory passage.
  • Consume more foods that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. This also helps in curing the condition. Also, the consumption of these vitamin supplements aids in strengthening inner lining of the lungs and act as a protective shield in preventing occurrence of walking pneumonia. This also accelerates recovery process.
  • Another effective remedy is taking parsnip juice daily. Parsnip juice can be prepared from the leaves and roots of the same. Drink a glass of parsnip juice every day to reduce the intensity of respiratory tract infection.
  • Also taking Echinacea and thymus extracts in limited dosage helps in strengthening immune system and triggers white blood cells production to get rid of virus and bacteria completely.
  • Herbal teas are best home remedies for walking pneumonia. Make herbal tea by steeping fenugreek seeds or dry fenugreek leaves, with a few drops of lime juice. Drinking this concoction at regular intervals for a couple of days give relief from walking pneumonia. Fenugreek acts as a detoxifying agent and also filters toxins from body, thereby clearing nasal and respiratory passage.
  • Fresh juices of vegetables such as spinach juice, beet root juice and cucumber juice aids in curing walking pneumonia. These juices supply essential nutrients to the body which prevent further infections.

Besides these home treatments for walking pneumonia, take ample rest and making a few changes in diet will help you in speedy recovery.

Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia:

Even though walking pneumonia doesn’t show noticeable signs in the early stage, a person suffering from walking pneumonia can experience the following symptoms as the days pass.

    • Sudden chills
    • Cold (the severity of cold increases when the disease reaches the chest, this symptom differentiates common cold and walking pneumonia) Lethargy
    • Patient can experience mild to severe headache along with fever and throat problems like rashes in throat
    • Patient can also experience sore throat due to severe cough
    • Pain in chest, muscles, eyes, ears and abdominal area
    • Annoying runny nose

Prominent walking pneumonia symptoms take 1 – 3 weeks to surface. This period is also called incubation period. This begins with energy loss and the person may feel exhausted. The person may not show any significant symptoms before this period.

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