How to Get Rid of Sunspots?

Sunspots are the marks on the skin that appear due to extreme exposure of the skin to sun. The sun produces harmful ultra-violet rays. Sunspots appear on those areas that are exposed to sun directly such as back, hands and face. You may observe discoloration of skin in case of sunspots. You must try to prevent the formation of sunspots on skin by taking proper skin care. You must make it a point to apply sunscreen lotion on skin every time before going out in sun. Here are some tips to get rid of sun spots.

How to Get Rid of Sunspots?

Following are some effective tips for getting rid of sunspots:

  • Lime Juice:

    Lime juice is one of the best remedies to fade sunspots. It is enriched with acidic properties. Apply lemon juice on skin. It helps in peeling off the upper layer of the skin, and aids in lightening or removing the sunspots. Apply lemon juice at least two times a day to get effective results. It takes about 6–8 weeks to fade sun spots.

  • Red Onions:

    Another best remedy for eliminating sunspots is using red onions. Cut red onion and rub a slice of it on the sunspots. The acid in onion aids in fading the sunspots effectively.

  • Castor Oil:

    Castor oil is another useful remedy for diminishing sun spots. Apply castor oil on the skin to get clean, smooth and soft skin.

  • Glycerin, Rose water and Lime Juice:

    Mix lime juice, glycerin and rose water and apply this mixture on the afflicted area. Let it stay on the skin for about 30 minutes and then clean the area. This remedy must be followed twice a day for about 3–4 weeks. This is another effective home remedy for sunspots.

  • Sunscreen Lotion:

    Remember to apply sunscreen lotion on the skin before going out in sun. This helps in avoiding the formation of sunspots.

The aforementioned are some useful tips to get rid of sunspots. These home remedies are effective and do not have any adverse effects. If the condition does not improve, consult a dermatologist for further assistance.

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