Foot Pain Causes in Children

Foot pain in children is the most common complaint which doctors come across. Often, this condition is just an annoyance which doesn’t last for more one or two days. However, its occurrence after a severe foot injury or leg injury or while a chronic health condition, can indicate a grave situation. Simple home remedies are enough for treating mild to moderate foot pain in the children. If the pain persists for long period or becomes intolerable, medical intervention may become essential. It is must to understand that extreme cases of foot pain may lead to disability or long term damage if not treated in time. Here are some foot pain causes in children. The causes of foot pain in children are similar to those in adults.

Foot Pain Causes in Children:

Many a times, improper fitting of shoes or shoes with not sufficient cushioning may be one of the reasons for foot pain in children and also in adults. Sudden twisting the foot or leg, tips and falls or excess use are other mild causes. Apart from these factors, there are many other medical conditions whose symptoms may include foot pain. Following are some of the most common

foot pain causes in children:

  • Broken foot

  • Bone spurs:

    These are bony projections which rub against the bone and spurs.

  • Achilles tendinitis:

    This is an inflammation of Achilles. This is the most common cause of severe foot pain.

  • Bunions:

    Bunions are the bumps on the bone of the big toe’s base and it pushes against other toes.

  • Corns and calluses:

    The skin near the heel may become hard and thick. Typically this condition is found in elderly people to be a cause of foot pain.

  • Bursitis:

    This is an inflammation of cushions amongst the tendons and bones. These cushions are called bursae.

  • Diabetic neuropathy:

    Children suffering from diabetes are susceptible to experience foot pain. This is because diabetes mellitus damages the nerves in feet and legs.

  • Defects with posture:

    Certain abnormalities in posture can also be one of the causes of foot pain in children.

  • Peripheral neuropathy:

    It causes numbness and pain in the feet. Peripheral neuropathy is caused by the nerve damage.

  • Ingrown toenails:

    The corners or sides of the toenail of afflicted toe grow into the soft flesh of toe. Ingrown toenails are very common in elderly people compared to kids.

  • Gout:

    Gout is another form of arthritis. It causes foot pain in both adults as well as children. Gout causes tenderness and redness of the joints, typically at big toe’s base.

  • Flatfeet:

    Foot pain in children can also be caused due to flatfeet. Mostly, it is painless.

Treatment for Foot Pain in Children:

Foot pain in children at nights can be troublesome because it might not allow them to have enough sleep. As they are very small, they may not be able to tolerate pain. Hence, take some steps for managing the symptoms to get relief from the foot pain in little ones. Parents can take a few steps to treat the foot pain immediate medical attention is not available. Following are some home treatments to treat foot pain in children:

  • Help your child in taking rest. This may need sometime for the body for healing itself, and keep the pain from aggravating.
  • Apply ice on the foot for reducing pain. This is a traditional remedy for improving the condition. Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel. Place this on the painful area. Apply ice for about 20 minutes and parents must wrap ice in a thick towel because it may be very cold for the kids.
  • Keep the painful foot at an elevation. You must keep you child’s leg higher than the heart because it reduces swelling and pain too.

Usage of over the counter pain relievers is generally not recommended for treating foot pain in children, yet they may trigger some severe adverse effects. Thus after following the above treatment options if the pain does not subside, consult the health care provider immediately.

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