Hair Care in Summer

As every one knows, sun rays in summer cause damage to the skin which speeds up aging process and can also trigger cancer. But it is must to protect the hair from scorching sun rays too. Sun damage to the hair may manifest like the faded hair color, dry and brittle hair. The UV-rays may cause permanent damage to the external covering of the hair, that is cuticle. It can also penetrate into the center of hair, that is cortex and can cause damage in all ways. Thus you must take special

hair care in summer


Hair Care in Summer:

Trim your hair once in every six weeks to eliminate split ends and to maintain healthy hair. You can also try many short funky hair styles in summer. Here are some

summer hair care tips


Protect your hair:

If you are steeping out, make a point to wear a cap, scarf or a hat and also use an umbrella for protecting the hair from sun. Also you can apply a regular sunscreen on the hair, but make sure that you rinse out thoroughly each time. You must also wear a cap each time you go swimming because chlorine triggers dryness.

Avoid washing the hair every day:

Each time you wash the hair, you rob off some moisture by flushing out the essential oils. Do not shampoo your hair every day. You must use mild shampoo as well.

Tie the hair:

You must not leave you hair loose. It is better to tie your hair to avoid exposing it to the sun. But you must remember not to tie hair tightly.

Use appropriate hair products:

Use a shampoo which is appropriate for your hair type. If you color your hair, you are recommended to use shampoo meant for colored hair.

Use hair masks:

You must give your hair deep conditioning and also revive them using a potent hair mask. In order to provide sheen to your hair, use hair serums. Also avoid products that contain alcohol and peroxide because they cause dryness. It is always best to use organic and natural products.

Avoid heat:

You must avoid curlers, straightening irons and dryers in summer. If you use them, you must condition your hair thoroughly. You are supposed to use a shampoo that contains SPF protection.

Drink plenty of water:

Drink sufficient amounts of water as it leads to healthy hair. You must at least drink two liters of water daily.

These are some useful tips for

hair care in summer

. These tips may keep your hair healthy and sheeny during the summers.

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