What Causes Snoring in Women?

Snoring in women can be due to many reasons, few of them are listed below. Basically snoring is an outcome of improper air flow in the air passages in throat. There are several reasons for why the air flow gets interrupted. All the causes for snoring may be worked upon and it can be treated eventually. However, one must what causes snoring in women to cure this problem. To know that, read on the below lines to know

what causes snoring in women


What Causes Snoring in Women?

Following are some of the reasons of snoring in women:


Estrogen is a respiratory stimulant ands aids in restricting the muscles from relaxing. As the levels of estrogen decrease in menopause, snoring is very common in women who are undergoing menopause. Even if women gain weight during menopause, the fat constricts the airways during sleeping. The muscles may become more relaxed because of low levels of estrogen. This can be one of the reasons for snoring.


This is one among the determining factors if it comes to snoring. Obese women are more likely to snore, because of the presence of excessive fat around the neck. Excessive fat blocks the airways. If such women are in deep sleep, the throat muscles may relax and the forceful and irregular airflow because of constricted airways, will result in the vibration of structures present in the throat. The more the y vibrate, the louder is the snoring sound.

Sleeping posture:

The airways may also get blocked if a woman sleeps on her back. If a woman lies on her back, her tongue falls back towards the throat. Hence, the tongue constricts the airways. Change the sleeping position and ask your partner whether it made a difference or not.

Blocked nasal passages:

Women who suffer from allergies, rhinitis, flu, common cold or sinus infections may snore because of nasal congestion. If the nasal passages are obstructed, you will indulge in mouth breathing, resulting in snoring. As smoking inflames the nasal passages and trigger nasal congestion, try to quit smoke. This is very beneficial. In some cases, even the enlargement of tonsils because of tonsils obstructs the airways and result in snoring occasionally.


Women who consume excess amounts of alcohol may snore heavily. This is because the alcohol relaxes muscles near the throat. The muscles vibrate more if they relax more, resulting in snoring. Alcohol abuse may result in sleeping disorder, known as sleep apnea.

These are some of the

causes of snoring in women

. As you are aware of the causes of snoring, you can solve the problem easily. Nasal strips and medications are available for solving this problem.

One thought on “What Causes Snoring in Women?

  1. Kris @ Health Blog

    I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea some time ago, since then I’ve been using a mouthguard to pull my lower jaw forward to prevent my throat from closing in sleep. It has worked really well, and very much reduced my snoring.

    Using a nasal decongestant helped too, since my nose tends to get clogged up for no apparent reason.


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