Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

The health benefits of mustard oil may be attributed to its properties such as tonic, anti-rheumatic, diaphoretic, cordial, hair vitalizer, insect repellent, anti-fungal, antibacterial, appetizer, irritant and stimulant.

Mustard oil has several contrary reputations in various parts of the world. This is the most popular oil in India and in Bangladesh. It is also used in Bangladesh and Eastern parts of India as an edible oil. But some health expert say it is toxic and not suitable for edible purposes. The sale of this product is banned in some parts of Europe where it is sold only as a massage oil for external application only. This article focuses on the health benefits of mustard oil.

Health benefits of Mustard Oil:

Following are some of the benefits of mustard oil:


This oil is a very strong stimulant. It is very effective in stimulating excretion, circulation and digestion. If it is used for massaging, it stimulates circulation very effectively. Even the effects are visible. Mustard oil stimulates digestion by stimulating the production of bile and gastric juices in liver and spleen. Even the excretory system is stimulated by mustard oil as the peristaltic movement of intestines is stimulated.


This oil acts like an appetizer and increases hunger. This can be a side effect of the stimulant and irritant nature of this oil. It irritates the inner lining of intestines and stomach, stimulates digestive juices and makes you feel hungry.


Even though it is considered as an irritant, it is beneficial sometimes. Irritation is defined as a reaction of an organ to any external agent and also shows that the organ is responding to the external stimuli. This is the benefit of mustard oil. This property helps in bringing back the sensation to the organs that suffer from lack of sensation or numbness. This property is used for pumping up muscles as well.


It also has antibacterial properties. If taken internally, it combats bacterial infections in urinary tract, excretory system, digestive system, colon and so on. If applied externally, it treats bacterial infections of the skin.

Insect repellent:

Insects and other small animals stay away from this oil. Hence, mustard oil acts like an insect repellent as well. This oil can also be used in vaporizers and fumigants for driving away insects.


Mustard oil serves like an anti-fungal agent because of Allyl isothiocyanate. It doesn’t allow fungal growth and even inhibits fungal growth if there is any.

Hair vitalizer:

The stimulating effect and presence of some fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid, if combined together make an effective hair vitalizer. The stimulating effects of mustard oil enhance blood circulation in scalp whereas its fatty acids nourish the roots of hair. It has been observed that long term use of this oil on the hair gives it a brown color and strengthens them and also prevents hair fall efficiently.


Mustard oil promotes sweating either if taken internally or applied externally. This stimulates sweat glands to secrete more sweat and also enlarges the openings of skin pores. This property of mustard oil is useful in reducing body temperature and also remove the toxins, water and excess salts from the body.


The warm feeling of mustard oil makes it a cordial. This warms up the internal systems like respiratory system and safeguards it from accumulation and formation of phlegm. Also it warms up your body in winter season to some extent. This can be due to the irritating and stimulating effects.


Mustard oil serves as an all rounder tonic for good health. It tones up all the systems in the body, boosts immunity and also gives strength.

Anti-arthritic and anti-rheumatic:

This oil gives relief from arthritis and rheumatism and has been used for massaging.

Other benefits:

It is very effective in curing cold, cough, body pains and aches, congestion caused by cold, headache and for muscular growth. Also, it can be rubbed on the gums to strengthen them and also to protect them from germs.

14 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

  1. tony lane

    in a world of pharmacuticals it is refreshing to have some natural healing websites available, i am 75 years old so i am always looking out for ways to improve my health and also my wife’s health and some of my close friends and distant relatives,eighteen years ago when i first went to the philopinnes where my wife originnaly came from, a healer came to me while i was there and cured me of exema which i had all my life with no sign of a cure in sight,and i cannot tell you what a releif it was when i was finally rid of it,so with the occasional feet trouble like a bunion that bothers me from time to time along with a little rheumatoid arthritus that i take vitamin d3 and new zealand green lipped mussel along with a little early morning sunshine when i can get it,at this particular time i am taking a root extract called fo-ti that some chinese call he shou wu the herbal name is polygonum multiflorum that claim it brings back the colour of your hair as well as regrow it,i have been trying to get some information about how to grow the plant myself but i have not been sucessful so far, there is a legend about the herb that a man in ancient china who first discovered it lived to be 197 years old,so now this mustard oil along with coconut oil,biotin and fo -ti this new combination may have some desired results,over the years i have learned a few things about the prevention of sunburn,one of the best ways is to rub coco butter onyour face and hands and knees,and coconut oil on the rest of your body overnight so that your body has the barrier that it needs the next day also aloe vera olive oil and vinegar will protect and heal your body if sunburnt,if in a country that has a lot of mosquitoes, it is advisable to take lots of vitamin b or thiamin at least three weeks before going, and eating as much bitter gourd or melon as it will come out in your sweat and drive most of the mosquitoes away and hopefully not the people, yours sincerely tony lane

    1. Clint

      Tony, Your piece is very interesting I will look for some Fo-Ti. There was another Chinaman that lived past 220. He was even teaching at a university at over 100. So much for that. What I think you might be interested in some things I have found out. First, 40 years ago I had problems with rheumatism, bouts of pneumonia, headaches, congestion, etc. which all went away when I quit milk. Then I found about DMSO. That is fantastic stuff, but don’t use it on poison ivy. Then the mother of a physicist friend of mine came down with cancer. With access to several libraries he found a double blind study by a pharmaceutical company where the patients on the medication did poorly, but the patients on the placebo did well. He then began making the placebo and cured his mother. After, he, with the assistance of Dr. Maria Esther Ruiz of Tijuana, cured 39 more, many considered terminal, before the government shut them down. Further research on the subject reveals that what cancer is was discovered back in the 1920′s by a biochemist named Dr. Otto Warburg who received two Nobel prizes but has been ignored and denigrated by the medical profession ever since. Many cures for cancer are in existence, however they are religiously ignored or deliberately as was DR. Linus Pauling and his vitamin C cures.
      The internet has arrived since and if you have the time to wade through all of the garbage,. you can find legitimate cures for almost anything as well as finding out what foods to avoid. As a matter of fact, you might stay away from milk, wheat, rye, barley and soy. To find out why, try a Veterinary in Georgia named John Symes with a web site Have fun…Clint

    1. Riaz Murtaza

      Mustard seed oil is available at most Indian and Pakistani grocery stores in big cities world wide.

    2. Ron

      Health food stores do not carry mustard seed oil. The only stores that carry it are Mediterranean or Indian food stores. Look them up in the yellow pages. Your local areas may not have an Indian food store. Also, you can buy it on the internet – look up KTC brand mustard seed oil.

  2. Partha

    Hi ,

    Mustard oil is widely available online in the UK , but mostly from Indian grocery shops. is one of them. Avoid the refined , deodourised KTC product.You will always see the regulatory disclaimed ‘for external use only’. In reality, this oil was among the healthiest oils in Indian history until the US lobby flooded the Indian market with GM Soy and its oils. In the last 3 decades, heart ailments in India have reached astronomic proportions, thanks to soy,canola and other GM and non GM hydrogenated oils.

  3. Khan Jahan

    Hi Partha,

    Would you please explain little more about your knowing about mustard oil? Is it good or bad for cooking? You thanked soy and canola and other GM oil seeds. What are the specific reasons?

    Please write me at


    Khan Jahan

  4. Aaron


    Of late i have become terribly addicted to mustard oil, the attraction being its pungebt smell. Quite often i am found in the kitchen sniffing the can of mustard oil much to the chagrin of my family. Can any one explain the reason for addiction to mustard oil and how one can get out of it ??

  5. Kathleen Strauch

    I had pain originating in the spine and had some mustard oil applied. It felt wonderfully soothing, but by the next evening was showing signs of a shingles outbreak. I was wondering if this was the mustard oil bringing the virus from the deeper levels to be released.

  6. Shiree zada

    Can i use mustard oil as a cooking oil?.what are its benifits and what are side effect? Plz reply me on my email adress.thanks

    1. Bhagat Singh

      yes you can use mustard oil as a cooking will help you to fight number of disease.It is
      healthiest and safe.


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