Foods to Improve Blood Circulation

There are several ways to improve blood circulation such as getting a massage, taking a brisk walk and so on. But nothing can improve blood circulation as efficiently as consuming a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods that burst with flavor. Following are the best foods to improve blood circulation:

Grapes and blueberries:

These fruits contain healthy flavonoids for heart which protect you from free radicals that attack and damage the healthy cells. They enhance metabolism of the body too.

Dark chocolate:

It contains a very important element, flavonoids, which enhance blood circulation and also help in get ridding of blood clots associated with heart attack and stroke. Make a point that you consume dark chocolate only, preferably organic which has low amounts of sugar for getting many benefits without any adverse effects.


These are rich in heart-healthy fats and also support the cardiovascular system.


Oranges are very rich in vitamin C with their property to strengthen the arteries and to prevent accumulation of plaque.


Salmon and other oily fishes have high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids essential for increasing blood circulation. Ensure that you buy wild caught and not the farm varieties as the latter could be contaminated with mercury.


This stimulates flow of blood to all the organs and also boosts the sluggish immune system and cures congestion.

Cayenne pepper:

This works effectively to increase metabolic rate, blood circulation and also strengthens blood vessels and arteries. It also prevents toe numbness and poor blood circulation in feet. This is very effective when taken in raw salads or juices, adjust the level of heat according to your preference.


This is the best food to enhance blood circulation in hands, feet and to clear the blocked arteries if it is taken raw every day in moderation.

Pumpkin Seeds:

This contains ample amounts of vitamin E, that is proven to maintain free flow of blood and prevents blood clots.

Ginkgo Biloba:

This herb is considered good for increasing blood circulation by Chinese Physicians. Ginkgo biloba enhances poor blood circulation in feet and hands. This is also used for treating varicose veins and also to increase blood flow to brain.

If you experience feet numbness and poor blood circulation in feet, the best solution may be contrast showers where you switch the temperature of the water from cold to warm and vice versa. Besides, smoking, caffeine and alcohol affect blood flow to heart and other body organs and you must stay away from them if you experience signs of poor circulation.

3 thoughts on “Foods to Improve Blood Circulation

  1. Dawn Paris

    I found your website very helpful, was looking at foods to improve ciruclatin as I have Reynauds and chilblains. I am starting to believe that foods can help with so many medical issues rather than medication.

  2. Logan

    In Chinese medicine, oranges are said to reduce circulation. Those who have poor circulation are advised to stay away from them.


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