Vitamins for Beautiful Skin

It is a known fact that vitamins are must for maintaining beautiful skin. They are the excellent antioxidants which neutralize toxins and free radicals and also to slow down skin aging. Vitamins deficiency may change the texture of the skin and result to cosmetic defects. But, you must know what vitamins are required for the skin and how to take them, i.e, internally or externally? Let us about the vitamins for beautiful skin.

Vitamins for Beautiful Skin:

Vitamin A:

This must be applied externally. Most of the people who consume completely may get sufficient amounts of vitamin from the food and they need not take any extra amount. Moreover, extra dosage may cause health problems.

The derivatives of retinoic acid and vitamin A are generally included in anti aging creams as they the ability to reduce fine wrinkles and pores. Vitamin A in the form of oil can be used for treating acne and several types of dermatitis.

Vitamin B12:

This must be taken internally. Riboflavin or vitamin B12 enhances hair, nails and skin. This vitamin is available in green vegetables, cheese, eggs, fish, liver and milk. You must take 100 – 300 mg of vitamin B12 every day.

Vitamin C:

This can be taken either internally or externally. This is the best antioxidant that binds free radicals. This neutralizes the harmful effects of solar radiation and also increases collagen elaboration which gives firmness and elasticity for your skin. It also helps to enhance the acne rashes.

Try to take 500 – 2000 mg of vitamin C every day. You may also use cosmetics which contain vitamin C. You can get vitamin C from fruits particularly from citrus fruits, green and yellow vegetables.

Vitamin E:

This must be taken both externally and internally. Daily consumption of 150 mg of vitamin E helps in reducing fine lines and enhances skin texture. According to recent studies, vitamin E can reduce the harmful effects of solar radiation. Also, it helps in avoiding formation of scars in regenerative process of rashes of acne. Vitamin E can be found in nuts, vegetable oils, grain products and salt-water fish too.

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