Remedies for Bad Cough

coldOne of the ways to remove foreign material or mucus from the lungs and throat is nothing but bad cough.There are two types of cough. One is productive cough in which the mucus is produced from the lungs.

The other is non-productive cough in which the mucus is not produced from the lungs because it is a dry cough. Depending on the duration, cough can be an acute cough or chronic cough. Scientific term used for coughing is reflux coughing.

Remedies for Bad Cough

  • Black Pepper

    :- Take a lemon, cut it. Put salt and black pepper powder into it. Suck it. It will reduce the intensity of coughing. It is used as one of the effective remedy for bad cough.

  • White pepper

    :- Take a teaspoon of honey. Add a pinch of white pepper to it. Use it regularly for 5 to 6 times a day.

  • Grapes

    :- Eating grapes can cure cough. Grapes acts as a expectorant and tone up the lungs.

  • Honey

    :- Honey with a combination of grape juice is highly beneficial. It is one of the effective remedy for cough.

  • Garlic

    :- During winter nights, eat garlic twice a week. It will provide relief from coughing.

  • Belleric Myrobalan

    :- Mix belleric myrobalan with pepper and honey. Take this mixture twice in a day.

  • Raisins

    :- Take 100 grams of sugar and raisins. Add water to it. Heat the mixture till it becomes saucy. Take this sauce before going to bed daily.

  • Cuscus

    :- Take half teaspoon of cuscus and 4 to 5 teaspoon of coconut milk. Add honey to it. Drink it at night before going to bed.

  • Carrot juice

    :- Drink hot carrot juice. It will provide relief from cough and improve the general state of health.

  • Gargle

    :- One of the best home remedy for coughing is to gargle with warm spinach juice.

  • Almonds

    :- Soak almonds in water for sometime. Remove the brown skin. Add sugar and butter to it. Blend it. Make a fine paste of it. Take this paste twice in the morning and in the night.

  • Onion juice

    :- Extract juice from onion. Mix it well with honey. Take this juice 2 to 3 times in a day. It will help you in preventing bad cough.

  • Causes of Bad Cough

  • Smoking
  • Asthma
  • Weather changes
  • Allergies such as chemical fumes, dust and pollen grains

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