Benefits of carrots

Top 10 Benefits of Carrot Juice

carrCarrot juice and health go hand in hand. Carrot juice is associated with many health benefits. The top 10 benefits of carrot juice are given here. Carrot juice not only provides good health but also provides the essential nutrients needed by the body for its daily needs.

Top 10 Benefits of Carrot Juice

  • Benefit #1 :-

    Carrot juice contains less calories and is very beneficial for weight loss.

  • Benefit #2 :-

    The functioning and health of liver and digestive tract improves by the intake of carrot juice.

  • Benefit #3 :-

    Carrot juice contains Vitamin E which helps in preventing cancer.

  • Benefit #4 :-

    Aches and pains associated with aging lessen with the intake of carrot juice.

  • Benefit #5 :-

    Vitamin A present in carrot juice improves eye-sight and helps in bone disorders, osteoporosis etc.

  • Benefit #6 :-

    It contains potassium which helps against cholesterol.

  • Benefit #7 :-

    Carrot juice is extremely beneficial for the liver as it reduces fat and bile in the liver.

  • Benefit #8 :-

    The juice revitalizes and tones the skin.

  • Benefit #9 :-

    Carrot juice is very rich in beta-carotene which is an antioxidant and it prevents cell degeneration. The aging process is also slowed down.

  • Benefit #10 :-

    Carrots contain beta-carotene which is converted into Vitamin A by our body. This natural vitamin A is very good for our body.

42 thoughts on “Top 10 Benefits of Carrot Juice

  1. blackrifle

    Just bought a juicer last night and wanted to try it. All I had was a bag of baby carrots. Juiced some and tasted it. Completely awesome. Had no idea carrot juice tasted so good! So much better than just plain carrots. Wow. That got me reading about the health benefits. What I have seen, you cant go wrong with carrot juice. Gonna get a bunch of fruit and vegetables today and juice like crazy!!

    1. Sharon Simmons

      I just added carrots to my pomegranates and some lemon…not bad. Just started juicing myself. Think I am going to like it. Pomegranates suppose to be great for us too, been reading a lot about it.

  2. subrata

    @blackrifle, u r right bro, the juice tastes really awsome, a bit like coconut milk, far bettr than raw carrot!

  3. Robert P

    I use my juicer to mix carrots, red apples and ginger. This juice is delicious and it’s good to know the benefits it provides.
    Thanks for the info!

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  5. Leonida Galo

    I have started drinking g carrot juice with little amount of 100% honey . Just so good and i can feel the benifits , thank you for the information.

  6. Jasmine

    I bought a giant sack of carrots for $6 at Smart and Final once. For two weeks, I had enough carrot juice to drink a cup daily. I noticed that the acne on my face clear up almost completely. And the taste is amazing. Gotta love carrot juice.

  7. Carina

    My grandmother has been drinking carrot juice almost every meal for a very long part of her life. She’s 83 and is VERY healthy, with youthful soft skin. She has no liver spots, and suffers no hair loss. She sees very well, and continues to drink carrot juice… I think I’ll start drinking carrot juice while I’m young, I’m sure it’ll make a big difference.

    1. netnet

      Because of the high natural sugar content, you should check with your doctor as to what a safe amount would be. Just like pure OJ and pretty much all pure fruit juices — high natural sugar content. Health benefits are incredible & getting vitamins/minerals from such a pure source and absorption is excellent!! I buy mine from Costco — great price & it’s 100% pure. I mix with wheatgrass juice & I drink 1 bottle a day….I’m addicted. Tastes soooo good!! It’s the first thing I do each day….goes into my empty stomach & I feel great all day!
      Always try to take vitamins/minerals/herbs in their purest form–you will reap the most benefits!
      Also, if you are diabetic–there is a vitamin you may want to take–it’s called BroccoGen 10
      It is the best vitamin that I’ve ever taken!! I started 7 mths ago & I should be wearing glasses now but my eyesight actually got better. There are actually many more benefits but check out the website I added. You won’t be sorry! They’re a little pricy but worth every penny! Good Health to YOU!

    1. sangeetha

      Oh yes.. i m sure it will work 100% on ur skin.. to get a gorgeous skin with fair and young look u must eat or drink carrot juice.. it worked well for me…. no age wrinkles…no dark spots… u will get a heavenly glow…. just check it out…

  8. sam

    hey guys
    carrot is very good juice for weight loss i drunk everyday two cup loss 6 kg weight in 4 months with doing exercise health ,cheers

    1. netnet

      It sure is!!! I mix it with my carrot juice & there’s nutin better in this world!!! I’ve got the two best juices working for me :) In a word….AWESOME!!

  9. Julie

    I was doing it for a couple of months…and I know I was in the right and very healthy condition because of carrot juice and even I don’t know yet with this indication…now that I have this one now that I know there is a lot can have in the carrot juice..ill do it lifetime…thanks to those who build and managing tthis helping everyone who’s searching for health dietary…may god bless you guys and more power…

  10. Azfar

    Me and my wife have started taking carrot juice just recently. And its gr8 that we have already started enjoying the exquisite taste and freshness it carries. Used it with orange and will go for adding apple also + many more tasty options. Also amazed to know of immense benefits associated with it. Luv it.

    1. netnet

      Make sure to consume enuf carrots, (or better yet, drink carrot juice), and being consistent is key!! Everyday Everyday Everyday….for results that you’ll be able to see.
      BroccoGen 10 vitamin has improved my eyesight & now I have no need to wear glasses. But 7 mths ago, I needed to get glasses—I can now see better than before–it’s amazing!!

    1. Anoop

      You can drink carrot juice everyday and it will not harm you at all.
      Use 2 carrots ONLY in a blender / juicer – DO NOT mix sugar / honey or any sweetner.
      Infact – you can add a piece of ginger into it and mix it.
      It will not harm you, but only help you.
      I have uncle who is a ayurvedic and his patients are all Diabetic patients who are having carrots everyday.
      However – try the carrot for 2 days and check your sugar level – just to confirm you are not one among those exceptional cases who may get into troubles- this is purely a safety check, but i am in no doubt that a diabetic patients can have a carrot.

    2. Casandra Miedema

      of course you can have carrot juice… the best way to reverse your diabetes is with a raw food diet… carrots do not contain a high amound of natural sugars:0 drink up!

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  12. aisha

    if we take 4 large carrots, half lemon juice,1 bunch fresh spinach,2 green apple,2 stick celery and make juice and drink every morning before breakfast it is very very good for blood pressure, heart diseases,diabetic,and weight loose


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