Home Remedies for Fordyce

fordFordyce is skin condition which is very rare and is caused due to excessive growth of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands secrete oil and naturally moisturize our face.

Fordyce commonly affects men in comparison to women. Fordyce is a small yellowish bump or growths which commonly occurs on our face or genital region.

Heredity and viral infections may be the possible causes of this skin condition. They may go away by themselves.They are non contagious and painless.

Home Remedies for Fordyce

The simple and effective home remedies for fordyce are given below.

  • Tretinoin gel

    may be a beneficial treatment for fordyce if you apply it on the affected area daily once.This gel is also known as Retin-A Micro, and is mainly used for acne treatment.

  • Garlic

    intake can be beneficial in Fordyce treatment as it helps in destroying the bacteria which affects the bloodstream.

  • Folic acid

    is also effective in Fordyce treatment as it helps in making the metabolism normal. This is also an effective home treatment for fordyce.

  • Take the mixture of

    sage extract

    , vitamin E acetate, and sesame extract. Applying this mixture on the spots make them less noticeable within two weeks and in most cases they can take about a month to go away.

  • Taking a

    healthy diet

    and daily vitamin intake may give benefit in this condition. A good oral hygiene can keep the condition in check.

  • Jojoba oil and Argania extract

    are very beneficial in the treatment of Fordyce. The properties of Jojoba oil are similar to the oils produced by the oil glands in human skin. Argania extract has a lot of nutrients and is useful for Fordyce treatment.

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