Benefits of White Pumpkin

Untitled11White Pumpkin or white gourd has many benefits which come very handy in our daily life problems.
Here some of the benefits of white pumpkin are given.

  • It is an

    excellent brain tonic

    – enhances memory and is useful in all psychological and psychiatric disorders.

  • In

    chronic thirst and intestinal worms

    , the seed oil is used in a dose of 10-20 ml with great benefit.

  • In

    bleeding piles

    and bleeding disorders, the fresh juice may be taken from time to time.

  • The ash of the seeds is useful in

    colicky pain

    . Dose : ½ tsp twice a day with ghee (clarified butter).

  • In


    , a confection of the flesh of the fruit may be taken habitually. It is one the useful benefits of white pumpkin.

  • As a

    coolant drink

    , the juice beats the heat in summer and relieves thirst and urinary retention.

  • In

    chronic fever

    , it relieves burning sensation and reduces body temperature.

  • In


    , the flesh of the fruit is applied locally. The juice of the leaves may be used to relieve burning sensation. This is one of the useful benefits of white pumpkin.

  • The seed oil is used as a coolant in


    associated with burning sensation.

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