Top 10 Benefits of Jatropha Seeds

Jatropha is a small tree which grows in India, Africa and North America. The leaves and roots of the tree are found to posses medicinal benefits. The seeds of this plant can be used to produce bio diesel. This article lists the benefits on this useful plant.

Top 10 Beneficial Facts about Jatropha Seeds:

1. 27-40 percent of the seeds of this plant produce oil. It is used as fuel in countries like Brazil and Philippines.

2. According to an estimation published on the Time Magazine, 1,600 gallons of diesel fuel per acre per year can be produced by the cultivation of this tree.

3. In December, 2008, a plane from New Zealand air lines could successfully complete a flight from Auckland city by using a mixture of Jatropha seeds oil and jet fuel. The cost of flying was reduced to one third.

4. This tree can be cultivated in the same place and at the same time along with other cash crops like coffee, sugar, fruits and vegetables.

5. The remaining of Jatropha seeds after the oil is extracted can be used as fodders to the cattle or can be used to produce bio gas for cooking.

6. The oil can be used as an illuminant to prepare candles. It is because on burning this oil no smoke is emitted.

7. Oil cake of this plant is rich in chemicals like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These chemicals are essential for plant’s growth. That is why the oil cakes can be used as manures in the fields.

8. The plant is found to possess properties to treat cancer and cure skin diseases and sores.

9. The juice of the leaves can treat piles and are used to clean teeth too.

10. The roots of the plant can save life from snakebites and treat diarrhoea.

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