Lichen Planus Of The Gums

Lichen Planus is the inflammatory condition of the mouth and the skin. Lichen planus (LP) affects both the male and the female simultaneously but the LP of the mouth affects females more. This condition is commonly noticed in the adults of middle age.

The cause of this condition to arise is not yet known but it known to be an auto immune disease. These can be caused as the result of some allergic reactions which can occur due to some medications etc.

Lichen Planus Of Gums:

Lichen planus in the mouth is a common situation. It occurs on the inner side of the cheeks, lips, tongue and gums. The Lp found in the oral area are difficult to treat hence they remain for a longer time in this part.

They normally appear in the form of white patches, lines or spots which do not create much of the problem. These can be detected in your routine dental check ups and can be cured easily. Severe conditions appear when they form sores which can be painful and also form the ulcers in the mouth.

These are usually formed due to some bacterial or fungal infections. These ulcers can sometimes be cancerous too.

Treatment Of Lichen Planus Of Gums:

Painless structures do not require any treatment but in case when the sores become painful, red, itching is there, then it requires medications. Both oral tablets and creams which can be applied on the infected part can be used to treat the disease.

Apart from the medicines it very necessary to maintain the healthy hygiene of your mouth and visit your dentist regularly to make sure that the disease is entirely cured.

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