Are You a Victim of Prescription Drug Abuse

1 in every 5 people, ages 12 years and above have misused the prescription drugs at least once in their life. This fact is as per a federal survey conducted on 2008. Recently, the world lost Pop icon Michael Jackson for misuse of prescribed drugs. This article tries to understand how serious this issue is. Because prescription drug abuse is unfortunately common in the United States.


What are Prescribed Drugs:

A prescription is a set of instructions or orders given to follow by a doctor to patients. Based on the prescription the medicines or drugs are to be taken. Prescribed drugs are “licensed medicines” Which require a prescription before they can be obtained. These drugs are different from the “over-the-counter drugs” which do not require any prescription and are available easily. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act is the agency that classifies drugs in to licensed medicines and the over-the-counter-drugs, in the United States.

When do people get prescription drug abused:

  • These drugs come along with specific instructions to follow while they are taken in.
  • These instructions are in addition to the orders given to us by the doctor.
  • But people neglect the instructions and instead use them to feel energetic, for building muscles and for weight lose.
  • They also do not pay attention to the fact that these drugs are made up of chemicals.
  • If the cited instructions are not followed then these life saving drus can turn fatal too.
  • These drugs can get us addicted, cause breathing problems, irregular heart beats and change our personality too.
  • 3 most common drugs which cause prescription drug abuse are stimulants ( like Dexedrine, Adderall and Ritalin), depressants (like Xanax, Ativan and Valium) and painkillers.

Please make sure that you follow the instructions of the doctor if you are under prescribed medication. And the people suffering form prescription drug abuse can only be urged to keep this dreadful practice in control.

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