Dangerous Ant Bites – How to Treat Ant Bites

Ants look too small to be able to do any harm to creatures as big as us. But ask anybody who has experienced the bites of angry ants (if he is still alive), they will tell you not to judge ants by their size.

Most ant bites will cause nothing but a little bit of pain. But the bites of some species of ants are poisonous, and some can even kill you.

Top 5 deadliest ants of the world

Here are five ants that can kill you.

Fire ants:

Fire ants have become a huge problem in the U.S. These are aggressive ants, and they also work in teams. When a fire ant bites you, it releases a chemical. Other fire ants sense this chemical and come after you. So if a fire ant bites, you better run.

Argentine ants:

These ants are highly social, and can form colonies in human settlements. Pesticides will only result in growth in numbers, so don’t try.

Siafu ants (Driver ants or Army ants):

These ants are found in Africa. The queen siafu ant is the largest ant in the world. These ants march through the forest in huge numbers. They eat anything that comes in the way, without exception. They can shred a human to the bone, and it is difficult to escape them once they get hold of you. The jaws of siafu ants are very strong.

Bulldog ants (Jack Jumpers):

They are one of the oldest ants on the earth. They are native to Australia. These ants have a killer instinct and a good vision, which makes them dangerous. Their highly painful stings can cause allergic shocks. They are responsible for a number of deaths in Australia every year.

Bullet ants:

Bullet ants have the most painful insect sting on the face of the earth. The pain lasts for 24 hours. These ants attack an enemy and literally sting it to death.

If you notice any of these ants anywhere, the best advice would be to run as far as possible.

How to treat an ant bite

If you have been bit by an ant, do the following.

  • Wash the bitten are with soap and water. Dry the area gently.
  • Apply a paste formed by mixing baking soda and water on the bite. This will reduce itching and swelling.
  • Take a Benadryl tablet, if you are not allergic to it.
  • Do not scratch the bite. If a blister forms, do not break it.
    Most importantly, go see a doctor.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Ant Bites – How to Treat Ant Bites

  1. Cody

    I got bitten by a fire ant yesterday,and the pain of this bite suckd.this smorning i was at a friends n i got bittin again by the same type of ant on the same foot these bites are a nasty stinging sensation n last 1 to 2 minutes n leave a big red mark in area of the bite n is tender. For sumthing that small it gives a good kick wen it bites..

  2. Alisha

    Today I got bit by an ant but the bad news is I don’t know what type of ant it was I think it was a bulldog ant I’m not too sure!?!?!?!?


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