Gingko: Herb to Boost Your Memory

ginkgo2.jpgThe leaf of the Gingko tree which is shaped like a human brain is considered to improve memory and the cognitive capacities of the brain. Memory loss or decrease in concentration is usually caused due to a reduction in the flow of blood to the brain cells. The gingko extracts improves the circulation of blood to the brain thereby increasing the memory and cognitive functions of a human being.

Gingko Bilobia is a dietary supplement made from the leaves of gingko plant. The extracts from the leaves are processed before being added to the memory supplement.  This is sold as a tonic to enhance memory and mental performance. Gingko intake also slows down the affects of Alzheimer’s disease.

What make the gingko extract so effective is the presence antioxidants like flavenoids and terpenoids that destroys free radicals. It increases the brain’s ability to use oxygen. The Gingko Bilobia supplements also improve the memory by preventing the causes of brain cancer and stroke.

The other herbs related to improving memory are: Allium Sativum, Calamus Root, Basil, Lemon Balm, Gotu-Kola, Rosemary, Peppermint and Holly.

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