Skin Care Tips for Men!

The first thing people look in you is – your face. Others get impressed first by your face and next by the way you dress. Anyway, without the best face the best dress can do nothing. For an attractive and glowing face you need to have a healthy skin. You can easily achieve healthy skin by following the basic guideline – cleansing.

Skin Care Tips for Men:

Deep Cleanse

Normally men have 15% oilier skin. Mean also have larger pores than women have. Basically, this means your face gets dirtier. So, the best regimen for an impressive face is cleaning your face every day, no matter what skin type you have. Deep cleansing is very important to keep pores clear, skin healthy and make you look good.

The Best Cleansing Products

Use cleansing products that are chemical-free. Don’t use deodorant soaps because they cleanse your face with harsh ingredients and leave behind a detergent film. This irritates your skin and clogs your pores. So, the best advice is – go natural.

Scrub Your Face

A good scrub is important for healthy clean skin. It removes dead cells and smoothens the surface of your face. Make sure you use a scrub that is strong and without being damaging. Don’t use scrubs containing rough elements like seed extracts or ground bits of nut. They will tear and damage your skin. A good scrub is one that invigorates you, not hurts you.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Moisturizing is also necessary for a healthy skin. The product that has least amount of chemical additives is the right and best choice. Use a light moisturizer on your face after cleansing and shaving. Don’t forget your neck.

Pure vitamin E, or aloe vera oil work well for an intensive moisture treatment. You can find them in liquid form. If not just break open a capsule, and apply the oil on your skin. This is a great under eye treatment. Don’t forget to moisturize this very sensitive area of your face. This is one of the first places to show aging because the skin under your eye secretes no necessary oils on its own.

One More Thing

Keep this important thing in mind. Depending on your skin type and time of year, you have to use different products and treatments to treat and enhance your skin.

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