Super Foods To Fight Depression

smo3.jpgThere are certain foods that may help fight depression and elevate your mood. However, if you suffer fron severe depression, you need to seek professional help. But

there are some foods that can beat the blues and make you feel good.

Here is a list of them:

  1. Include fish and fish oils in your diet. Eat more of fatty fish like salmon, tuna or herring fish.
  2. Eat nuts like walnuts and almonds.
  3. Eat sugar beets and beet molasses.
  4. Eat turkey at dinner. Turkey contains Folic Acid and Niacin, that can help relieve depression, anxiety and panic feelings.
  5. Include cabbage, bak choy, soy beans and pea in your diet.
  6. Also include avocados, potatoes and spinach in your diet.
  7. Prepared foods often contain ingredients that are linked to depression. Avoid trans-fats, corn syrups, alcohol, soft drinks, excess caffeine and sugar.
  8. Eat chocolate for dessert after lunch or dinner.
  9. Eat some strawberries or strawberry icecream.
  10. Eat three cups of brightly colored vegetables a day and atleast 5 fresh fruits.
  11. Eat chicken, liver and other lean meats to feed your brain with vitamin B6. Plant sources of vitamin B6 include sweet potatoes, navy beans, spinach, and bananas.
  12. Eat oats, whole wheat breads, black beans, and watermelon to raise your thiamin levels.
  13. Eat legumes, fortified cereals, quinoa, kale and other green leafy vegetables.
  14. Have a glass of orange juice or lemon juice.
  15. A sweet potato, pasta or a spinach salad might also help you beat the blues.

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