Thought of the day: Keep that anger at bay to keep heart attacks away

We have always heard that people suffering form heart ailmets need to keep themselves stress free and calm at all times to avoid any kind of risks. And the researchers at Boston have recently proved this point.

According to the recent study, anger triggers attacks in heart patients. The study indicates that bursts of anger may trigger potentially fatal heart rhythm disturbances. The hotter the temper, the higher the risk.

The study involving 1,118 patients took a medical history of patients and asked them how often they felt mildly angry, moderately angry, very angry or furious.

According to the Canadian Heart Rhythm Society, nearly 35,000 people die from sudden death caused by a fatal arrhythmia in Canada every year.

Heart patients should avoid getting upset at any point of time, if they wish to live longer. So folks, leave those frowns and woes, and start smiling again …

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