Eye Stye Remedies

Eye stye is a common infection that resembles a boil or a pimple and appears around the eyelids. You may experience pain, redness, and itching in the eyes. Your eyelids may also appear swollen. A stye results from a bacterial infection or from clogging of the oil glands around the eyelashes. It is usually harmless, and does not interfere with the vision. However they look bumpy and ugly. There are some home remedies for styes that may be helpful for you.

Natural Cures for Eye Styes

  1. Take a gold ring and rub the stye with the gold ring a few times every day. It will stop the pain and the stye will go away.
  2. Using a hot compress is the best option. Apply a clean warm wet cloth to the eyes and press gently on the affected area for a few minutes. Do this for 4 to 5 times a day.
  3. Boil a teaspoon of coriander seeds with a cup of water, like a herbal tea preparation. Wash your eyes 3 to 4 times a day with this solution.
  4. Warm some Guava leaves and place them on a warm damp cloth, and use as a compress to reduce the redness and swelling.
  5. Boil 1 teaspoon of turmeric in 2 cups of water, until it reduces to half. Cool and strain it through a muslin cloth. And apply as eye drops 3 times a day.
  6. Take a cup of water and dissolve 2 to 3 granules of alum in it. And use as an eyewash.
  7. You can also use a grated potato as a poultice, to reduce swelling in inflamed eyes.
  8. Boil a handful of acacia leaves in two cups of water and make a decoction. Apply it as a compress on the eyes.
  9. Rub clove spice in water and apply to the eye stye.
  10. Slit an aloe leaf lengthwise and place the pulpy side on the sore eye.
  11. Take a raw egg and seperate the white from yellow. Then place the white of the raw egg in a white cotton cloth or paper towel. Keep it on the stye 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time.
  12. Mix Johnson’s baby shampoo with water. Put this solution on a Q-tip and wash the eye lashes with it. Do this twice a day.
  13. Wet tea bags in warm water and place them on the eyes for 8-10 minutes. Do this several times a day. This shrinks the stye to half its size because of the tannic acid present in tea.
  14. Or you can run cold water over a tea bag. Squeeze the water and then place it on your eye for about 30 mins.
  15. Make a solution of warm water and salt. Let it cool a bit, so that you can apply it on your eyes. Soak some cotton in it and hold it to your eye for a minute. Repeat this technique a few times with fresh cotton.

Eye Stye Tips

When you get an eye stye, you may need to follow certain preventive tips to stop the spread of styes:

  1. Maintaining proper hygiene is very important. Always remember to wash hands before and after touching the infected eye.
  2. Never squeeze or pop a stye, because the infection might spread from one eye to another.
  3. Avoid touching or rubbing the infected eyes.
  4. Apply warm compresses to the eyelid at least four to five times a day.
  5. Keep the eyelids clean and free of oil.
  6. Avoid excessive intake of sugary and starchy food.
  7. Styes may also spread from an infected person to another member of the family. Use a separate towel and soap if you have an eye stye.
  8. Gently clean the eyelid with a clean, warm washcloth everyday.
  9. Visit an opthalmologist and get a Rx ointment or oral antibiotics. Apply the antibiotic ointment or drops regularly that your doctor has prescribed.
  10. Do not wear contact lenses when you get an eye stye.
  11. Never share your eye make-up, especially if you are prone to getting styes often.
  12. Styes can be prevented by maintaining good hygiene, proper diet and relaxation techniques like palming.
  13. Protect your eyes from pollution and dust.
  14. Sometimes the stye may need to be surgically removed. Surgical drainage of the stye is necessary if the stye is not responding to treatment.

22 thoughts on “Eye Stye Remedies

  1. nora

    I have a sty on the bottom of my left eye for six months , it feels very hard , I do not have a lot of money , do you think that I can still use some home remedy or is it to late ? thanks.

    1. Shannon

      I think its to late, they should say longer then a week. Try seeing a GP should cost to much to have it drained, as they can do it right then and there with you awake.

  2. brittany

    Chalazion isn’t a stye. Styes happen on the lash line, while chalazions are anywhere on the eyelid and not caused by bacteria like a stye, but from a blocked oil gland.
    Having a chalazion removed is horrible. I had two on one eye that made my eye swell for a whole month. My eye doctor wanted me to wait until it stopped being red to remove it. (If you leave it and the bump does not go away you can have permanent drooping. My vision started to blur.) YouTube ” removal” and it will show you exactly what they do. Your eyelid and surrounding areas are numbed with a small injection. This isn’t a big deal, but your whole eye socket will swell like the worst, freshest shiner you’ve ever seen and you can’t feel a thing. I almost passed out because it felt like my eye was completely missing and I couldn’t see (my only fear in life). The doctor waited a couple minutes for me to feel better and by the time he put the clamps on and made the incision, the numbing agent was wearing off and I felt the slice. I have never felt anything more painful in my life. He has to quickly numb it again and finish removing both of the chalazions.

  3. samar

    for the eye stie take some boil water in a cup and put a towel in the water and take it and presslightly on you painful eyes

  4. chardia

    Hi, my grand daughter is 1 year and 3 moths. She has a meiobomian cyst an her inner eye lid. Have tried a warm cloth and ointment and massaging but still no change. The Doctor has now suggested he cuts it out. We however are desperate to try anything that is less invasive. Please help!

  5. Nikolai

    Yeah…I recently obtained a small, yet VERY painful stye. I usually get them, but they don’t usually bother me as much as this one has. My girlfriend said she hardly notices it at all. I think other-wise…but maybe it’s because I know where it is located. My eye itches, burns, and stings to no end. Any anti-itch remedies or any suggestions? I’m not putting anything on my eyes that relates to teabags or soap. I have very sensitive eyes that water at the slightest things. Not to mention, I have a fear of putting any soapy substances near my eyes (I wash my face and try my best to avoid my eyes) Because for SOME REASON I ALWAYS-never fails- get soap in my eyes. Would, maybe, cucumbers help??????(Gf said it might)

  6. Leuren

    I looked at lots of home remedies for a stye tonight on the internet because mine has gotten so painful, swollen, and red. I tried witch hazel, a hot teabag poultice for 10 minutes, a gold earring rubbed on the stye area, Betadine (iodine it absords through the skin rapidly and kills any bacteria dead on the spot) ointment all day, and then I found a country remedy that worked the best – boil a tablespoon of dried raspberry leaves in 8 oz of water and let sit for a few minutes then strain into a cup. Drop the solution into the affected eye every so often – and the pain left within 30 minutes and it seems like the swelling went down too. I think rubbing the gold earring and the raspberry eye drops work the best. But the hot/warm teabag is also very good as the heat brings the infection to a head although that has not happened in just the few hours I have been doing this…. maybe tomorrow if I am lucky. Just keep trying different things until you find what works for you and then be persistent, and it will clear up.

  7. May

    it is best to use green tea bags (with warm water) for the antioxidants, not just any tea. this remedy works very good for most eye problems, plus it works on our 4 legged friends too (use it on my cats). P.s. i have tried it and it works on my extremely sensitive eyes.

  8. Leticia

    Warm up a jalapeƱo pepper on the burner wait for it to cool off a bit then place it on the stye until it cools off completely repeat this 3 times morning and night it usually takes 1-2 days til the stye disappears. Good luck:)

  9. Anna

    Hard boil an egg. Soak paper towels in warm water and wrong out excess water. Wrap egg in towels. (Caution: egg will be hot, use as many towels as to not burn yourself). Place the wrapped egg on affected area.

  10. sam

    I have a sty and it’s been there for like a few months. I just thought it was a pimple, so obviously I tried to pop it. Again, wrong thing to do. My eye is swollen and I look like I have a diesese. I’ve tried the hot water in a washcloth. I need this thing to go away, it hurts when I blink……help, please?!?!?!

  11. Denise Best

    My opthamologist suggested an alternative to a wet compress: Take a 1/4″ slice of potato, wrap it in a paper towel, heat in the microwave 20-30 seconds. Place this over the eye with the stye. It is less messy than a wet compress (no water running down your arms) and holds heat longer. It can be reheated and used several times.

  12. Rohini

    I have done lasik treatment before 2 years.. From last 4 months ‘m suffering with stye in both the eyes.. In one eye lid Dr did stye treatment.. But i still suffer from another eye.. It will affect with the lasik treatment which i had before..


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