Natural Cures For Ringworm

Ringworm is a common skin disease, caused by fungus. It is not very dangerous, but very annoying. People suffering from medical problems such as diabetes, leukemia or AIDS and who have a weak immune system are more susceptible to ringworm. Dampness, humidity, dirty and crowded areas also increase the risk of acquiring ringworm.

Although it may take a few weeks for ringworm to completely disappear, you are advised to see a doctor if you develop increased pain, fever, swelling or redness.

Scalp Ringworm

This is a different kind of fungal infection which is much more serious. It is most commonly found in humans and pet animals like cats, dogs and cattle. It can be acquired through an infected person, or infected hair or by sharing accessories like hats, comb, bedding, barber’s instruments etc, with an infected person.

Doctors usually recommend shampoos containing ketoconazole (Nizoralicon), pyrithione zinc (Selsun Salonicon) or selenium sulfide (Selsun Blueicon) twice a week. But apart from these shampoos, ask your doctor to prescribe some oral medicines, as they are more effective.

Body/Face Ringworm

Ringworm patches on the face and body are usually round or oval. There is itching, redness, and swelling (sometimes).

There are several home remedies to treat ringworm on the body and face. Some of them are:

  • Soak a cloth or paper towel in natural apple cider vinegar and apply it on the ringworm patch for about 15 minutes, several times a day.
  • Raw papaya is also good for treating ringworm. Rub some slices of papaya on the ringworm patches. A paste made of dried papaya seeds can also be applied on the ringworm patches.
  • Mustard Seeds are also good. A paste of mustard seeds should be applied over the patches after washing the skin with hot water.
  • Butea Seeds can also be used for treating ringworm. Make a paste of butea seeds and mix with a little lime juice. Apply the paste on the affected skin.
  • Cassia leaves are known to eliminate the pain and swelling associated with ringworm. The juice of cassia leaves or a paste can be applied on the patches.
  • The leaves of holy basil are also useful for treating ringworm. Extract the juice and apply on the patches.
  • Take 1-2 pieces of garlic and mash them in an small sheet of aluminum foil. Take the sheet with mashed garlic and apply it on the ringworm patch. Do this two times a day. It might sting, but the ringworm will be gone in less than a week.
  • Turmeric is also very effective for ringworm. Apply the juice of raw turmeric on the infected parts. And you can even take a mixture of turmeric juice and honey orally.
  • Raw vegetable juices, like carrot juice (300 ml) mixed with spinach juice (200 ml), taken internally is also beneficial for ringworm.
  • You can also use sea salts to dry up the ringworm patches. Buy some bath salt from a drug store, which has high concentration of sea salt in it. Wet the infected parts and apply the sea salt scrub directly on the ringworm. There may be mild tingling, but it won’t irritate a lot. Leave the salt for about 25-30 minutes and then wash off. Re-apply it after some time. Mist the infected part with water to moisten the skin and re-wet the salt. Ringworm will be gone in a few days.
  • You can also apply iodine on the ringworm patch. Apply it for a few days till the ringworm is gone.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is also very good for treating ringworm. It is not very costly and usually comes with 50% glycerol, which is good for all kinds of skin problems such as acne, dandruff and other fungal infections. Rub some extract on the patches, and put a band-aid over it. Full strength extract of grapefruit will irritate the skin slightly, but is a quick remedy for getting rid of ringworm.
  • Frequently rub some vinegar onto the skin if you have ringworm re-occuring from time to time. Or take a penny and soak it in vinegar until crystals begin to form. Take the penny and band-aid it to the ringworm for 2 days. The ring worm will be gone.
  • Juice of fig leaf is also effective for treating ringworm. Break a leaf and rub the white juice on the ringworm patch and around it. Repeat the procedure until it is gone.
  • Take some green walnuts and cut them open. Rub the juice on the affected area.
  • Tea tree oil also works wonders for ringworm. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on the affected region every day. If it itches, mix a few drops of tea tree oil with some mild oil like coconut or olive oil and apply.
  • You can also use Myrrh Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil or Lavender Essential Oil. The most commonly used oils for children are tea tree and lavender. Never use peppermint oil on kids. For babies aged up to 12 months, mix a drop of Lavender Essential Oil in a teaspoon of Jojoba Carrier Oil and apply on skin.

Or you can buy the following from a drug store/Walmart near your home:

  • Desiten diaper ointment: Apply it on the patches three times a day.
  • Lamisil Cream: It is very good for ringworm and athlete’s foot.
  • Mercy Cream: This is a herbal cream that costs around $2.00. It is made in Ghana, so you may find it in an African market.
  • Blue star ointment: You can buy it from Walmart, it works wonders. Apply it a few times every day.
  • Tinactin or some other anti-fungal cream: Put the cream generously on to a band-aid and apply on skin. Don’t remove for 6 hours. Replace after every 6-7 hours.
  • Clotrimazole: It is also used for athlete’s foot, but works for ringworms as well.
  • Lotrimin AF Antifungal Cream, Dial Antibacterial soap: After washing the face with Dial Soap, apply the cream 2 times a day. If your skin becomes dry due to Lotrimin cream, you can use Nivea moisturizer to overcome the dryness.
  • Micatin Antifungal Liquid Spray: Use twice a day on the rash and around it. Successful treatment may take 3 to 4 weeks.

Here are some whacky remedies. You can try these if all the above remedies do not work:

  • Some people get benefited by applying a bleach. But if your skin is sensitive or becomes red on application, do not use it. Apply bleach (Clorox bleach) with a Q-Tip. It dries the patches. Use original clorox type bleach that contains only sodium hypochlorite and water. It is safe for use on human skin. Mix 1 Part Bleach with 6 Parts Water and apply on affected area for 15 seconds. Using diluted bleach prevents chemical burns and stinging. But make sure that the affected area is not bleeding or open.
  • Clear nail polish can also be used. Apply the nail polish on the infected area every day, until it is gone.
  • Take some tobacco , wet it and put it on the infected area. It will help dry the patches.

23 thoughts on “Natural Cures For Ringworm

  1. ARA

    I have visited many web sites that talk about using bleach, oils, and even ashes for notebook paper (mineral source). I just wanted to point out that the number one source that kills many types of funguses is indeed a high dose of minerals. For an effective treatment, one should use bleach to clean, let dry and then apply an ointment of reach minerals to the infected area.

    I hope this can help some in some way.



  2. cures for toenail fungus

    Nail Fungus can be embarrassing, especially during warmer weather when bare feet and open-toed shoes arethe norm

  3. Antifungal Nail Polish

    Nail fungus happens when fungi and bacteria get into your nails through a cut or tear. Nail fungus can be a bit difficult to treat because repeated infections are common. It is also be tricky since the fungus is found under the nail and can be hard to reach. However, there are a variety of treatments you can use to hasten the healing of your fungal infection.

  4. Mich

    Sea salt makes sense, because a weekend at the beach usually does the trick when my kids get ringworm. I didn’t know if it was the sun or the salt, but going to the beach has always been the cure– even better than antifungal creams.

  5. Mick

    Apply the juice of ground leaves of the Akapulko plant. It naturally grows in the Philippines…and probably some other tropical countries. If you’re within these places then it would be easy for you. I don’t know what its called in your country but its coined as the ringworm bush. It works wonderfully. Just after a few days, the ringworm fades away. Usually its fixed afer a week or two.

  6. jane

    best cure is past made with bicarbonate of soda and water on a band-aid, leave on 24 hours then repeat every night for at least a week – works wonders

  7. Tommy

    Thank you for offering so many different options for treating ring worm. Treating a child, as I am doing, requires extra special care. We have been to two doctors who have not identified the rash. Sure enough, you mention that the facial outbreak is not the same as on the body. Now it has spread from the face to the neck and shoulders as well as the warm body parts. Now we have an outbreak that serious. Thank you so much for your research and presentation: we needed answers and you offered several.

  8. meagen shores

    i have ringworms on my arms and i am 13 and i found some home remedies for ringworms.
    1. tea tree oil / you can find it at wal-mart
    2. black walnut extract / i don’t know where to find it
    reply if these work.

  9. Abhishek Singh

    I use My Garlic they r v.useful 2 cleaning ringwarms in human body
    Since near complete 1year i have ringworms in my body i just put a garlic in that area i fell some joulious but it work exclent i dont have any complain on this site KEEP GUD SMILE………..

  10. SugarB

    My cat came down with Ringworm on her feet. She had crusts around her cuticles and her nails were splitting. I mixed Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tablespoon with about 8 oz. of water in a bowl. Three times a day, I soaked her feet until they were good and wet. Afterward, she would lick them dry, ingesting the ACV too. This helps fight the fungus from the inside.
    If your cat is trusting and easy to work with it’s very easy to use warm water and ACV in the bowl, that way it’s not as abrupt as the cold water.
    It took about a week to 10 days for the fungus to disappear, but it worked great !!

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  12. chris

    Do NOT use bleach; even if it’s diluted. I tried it and it does NOT work. It dries the skin terribly, makes the itching much worse, and will badly burn the skin.

  13. chris

    Apparently ringworm/funguses/candida albicans really takes hold and is tough to get rid of if your body Ph is more acidic (lots of junk food, sweets, sugar, simple carbohydrates – white flour and white rice based products). Alkalizing your body/diet will help tremendously in ridding your body of any fungus, skin conditions, candida, etc. Treatments for ringworm will be much more effective if body Ph is more alkaline.


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